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One Disciple to Another - the Original Jesus   (Joshua)



The simple and ancient proof and truth is that man was created in the image of God, not Satan or the Serpent.  There was no "Fall" of mankind, as Elohim told Cain, after the "Fall" that he was capable and responsible to "improve himself" so that sin would not reign over him, and that if he "improved himself" he would be forgiven.  This is the same message compatable with the Noah account, the Abraham account, and indeed all the accounts of God dealing with mankind from Egypt to Mount Sinai, through all the Prophets, and through the teachings of Jesus in Matthew. 

Alterations of Scriptures and faked scriptures have been the pox of Judaism (3000 years ago and 1300 years ago), and Christianity through partnership of Rome and Judaism since Jesus ascended to the throne on the right hand of God, as foretold in Daniel, according to the trial of Jesus account in Matthew.  Other foretellings are Pslam 2, regarding God declaring Jesus begotten of God at his baptism, and in Psalm 22 regarding the crucifiction account - although the Psalm is a bit altered between the Hebrew and Christian versions/translations/mistranslations. 

Jesus taught the need to abandon evil and be faithful to the One True God, our Father in Heaven.  Jesus never taught his blood was a sacrifice for sin, nor did he teach salvation by faith alone or grace alone.  Jesus did not teach a single smidgen of his righteousness is going to be imputed or accounted to ANYONE else but himself!  Read the unaltered Hebrew Matthew and see that all these things are the "truth" he taught of the Doctrine of God.  We all must abandon evil - of which belief in lies about God or Jesus is certainly an evil to repent of. 

Paul was the greatest liar in the history of humanity - he was not chosen by God or Jesus to tell you to disbelieve God and Jesus!   Do a reality check and compare the words of God and Jesus to the musings of Paul.  It is IMPOSSIBLE that Paul told the truth of the gospel of Jesus or the good news of Elohim Almighty.

- Dear reader, whether you realize it or not, there is no such thing as Judeo/Christian values.  How so?  Because Judaism, especially Zionist Orthodox Judaism, believes they will not be forgiven by God until they rid the earth of Christianity.  See the link titled: "Trial of the Ages".  The early protestants knew more about Judaism in 1400 than all the Christian "scholars" of today.  Do youself a favor and stop listening to those who have been deceived and are deceiving you. 

After you finish reading this, please get a copy of "Judaism Discovered"," From its own texts";" A Study of the Anti-Bibical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit" by Michael Hoffman, published 2008.  See:  

Orthodox Judaism views non Jews, particularly Christians, to be less than human - and unless you are useful to them, you are useless - "useless eaters"? 


(I recommend Microsoft Edge browser, because if you right click on the text, the option for "read aloud" comes up in the middle.  This may be easier to hear, and then pause if you want to double check details or resources.  Pardon my English and spelling - I make claim to nothing but careful and reasonable study of facts as found and offer the most likely solutions to the problems we face in common - whether you realize it yet - or not.)  I make no claim to being all knowing; if someone can make better sense of the facts, please do so and let the discussion and investigation begin whereby we can return to "the good path" of "the old way" those who found favor with God walked upon.  To date I have not had any feedback for discussion of any particular topic, aside from Rabbi Singer claiming there are Greek language mechanisms in Matthew to show it was not originally in Hebrew.  George Howard, who translated the Hebrew Matthew pointed out enough specifics that I must say I find the thoughts presented by Howard to be more valid than Singer's, as Singer offered not specifics - just claims that were unsupported - beware those who cannot justify their possition from facts and from the most ancient Hebrew texts.  Pharisee Rabbi had much to do with the further alterations of the Hebrew Scripture about 900 CE (Masoretic Text).



"To learn who rules over you, simply learn who you are not allowed to criticise."  Voltaire. 

"Every student who enters upon a scientific pursuit, especially if at a somewhat advanced period of life, will find not only that he has much to learn, but much also to unlearn.  As a first preparation, therefore, for the courses he is about to commence, he must loosen his hold on all crude and hastily adopted notions, and must strengthen himself by something of an effort and a resolve, for the unprejudiced admission of any conclusion which shall appear to be supported by careful observation and logical argument, even should it prove of a nature adverse to notions he may have previously formed for himself, or taken up without examination on the credit of others.  Such an effort is, in fact, a commencement of that intellectual discipline which forms one of the most important ends of all sciences."  Sir John Herschel 

Who are we not allowed to openly question or investigate?  What happened to the Kennedy assasination sealed documents being unsealed after 50 years - why dely unless those who killed Kennedy are still in play?  Why was there a lack of criminal investigation for 9-11? Why was it declared an act of Terrorism by those who were incapable to have caused the buildings to turn to dust before our very eyes?  Why did the Supreme Court say there was no evidence of Election Fraud in 2020 when they didn't look at the evidence presented? 

The greatest question for Christians: Which Church is the "correct" Church, when the oldest Church destroyed early manuscript evidence and went around killing as many non-compliant Christians as they could for hundreds of years?  Why were some burned at the stake for daring to translate their scriptures into a language the people could understand? 



And for Orthodox Judaism: Where is the ancient evidence that Jesus (Joshua) was guilty of the crime of blasphemy that he was charged with?  And why have their charges against Jesus multiplied four-fold in the last 2000 years?  Why have they switched tactics and charges?  Why would Rabbi Shem Tob record the Hebrew Matthew for evidence about Christianity, when now the rabbi, such as Tovia Singer, claim Mark is the oldest gospel account - not Matthew.  Is he daring to disagree with one of the "sages of the ages" rabbi, because he sees additional fodder against Jesus by claiming Mark came first?  Be advised that the charge of "Anti Semite!" has been used far too much.  What is a "Semite"?  What is "Anti-Semite"?  What Christian is "Anti-Abraham" or "anti-Moses"?  None.  What sect of Judaism is seen by their Zionist Orthodox Judaism to be a condemned as the Gentiles/Christians?  The sect that is against Zioinism and based in Monsey, N.Y.  There have been anti-Zionist Jews (Semites?) for well over 100 years, dating back to the 1800's.  Old Judaism believed they had to keep the Covenant - not the Talmud Oral Torah writings of the Pharisee Rabbi.  Fact can be seen in study of the HGOM that Jesus was teaching to keep the Covenant to the letter - he never took away from it or demanded abrigation of any  part of it - unless it was to return from what was altered to what Elohim had said in the first place that the Rabbi denied.  This is why they killed him?  Was Jesus a "Semite"?  No Christian who loves Jesus should be considered 'anti-semite'.  All who love God and keep His Covenant must realize who has cursed themselves, as compared to who has been blessed by Elohim - as both are dependent of keeping to Elohim and the Covenant and through their good will towards all men - as there is but one race - the human race - involved with the Covenant Standards defining good and evil, who is blessed, versus who is cursed.  The only advantage in the Covenant to Jews is based on God giving them the Land of promise if they remained faithful to the Covenant given at Sinai - which they repeatedly failed to do - so they were banished by the Roman Empire and the Temple was completely destroyed - as Elohim said He would do.

We all must open our minds to discern truth from lies, or the end of humanity and its final judgment will come as a snare, catching us unaware - just as Joshua prophesied.  As Elohim suggested and instructed us all:  "Choose life that Ye may live!"


And for heavens sake, why do churches continue to this day to castigate and show "the left foot of fellowship" to those who prove churches are teaching the opposite of what was taught by Elohim, all the Prophets, and the very one they call their "Lord" and part of their "god-head"?  (Sacrifice for sin, versus, our being capable and responsible to improve ourselves and do no evil - as defined by Elohim.)

From personal observation and experience, if Jesus himself went to any church today and taught, or expressed belief in what he taught in Matthew - he would be resoundingly rejected by all the leadership as a legalistic Judaiser.  It is absolutly sickening to see the evils taught today in the NAME of Elohim - the Father in heaven. Since Christians don't teach what Jesus did in Matthew - the unadulterated Doctrine of God - they should not expect to be heirs of the blessings of Elohim that He Covenanted with those to whom He is their God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses and Joshua 2 *Jesus.  And since Judaism cannot see the Teachings of Elohim are different than their "Sages of the Ages" that they believe outsmarted God Himself.... their folly to follow the ways of the Rabbi has led them deeper into the pit of ignorance and bigotry than was the case of their forfathers, such as Hillel.



Many Christians believe the end times will be a time of great deceit, and I must say the world has never had as much deceit in play at one time as we face today.  I have also come to believe the evidence is people are prone to believe the lies because they have not been taught to think properly so that they might be able to know and thereby distinguish truth from lies.  My opinion is this is the most likely cause of the ignorance - the failure of all three major Abrahamic faiths (Jews, Christians, Islam) have not been told the unaltered truth by those in leadership of their respective faiths.  It is not a recently caused problem though, and recent evidence from "The Valediction of Moses" (proto-Deutoronomy) gives compelling internal evidence that Judaism altered the Covenant of Elohim 3000 years ago.  Christians inherited altered Scripture, and then further altered their accounts (see "Let's Get Biblical" by Tovia Singer) of the Hebrew Scripture because they failed to consider the instructions of God to know who tells the truth , from those who do not.  It is those Instructions given by God that are completely reliable to use to correct our misunderstanding, and then restore what has been stolen from us - we need to "Restore!" the truth of God as foretold in Isaiah 42.  Indeed - who will dare to do as Elohim/YHWH taught mankind?

Interview of Craig Winn on Jeff Rense (audio on youtube): 



Reportedly, from Craig Winn, after he presented his direct evidence to the lead scholars and head of Liberty University: they agreed with Craig about the alterations of  our current Scriptures, but do not expose the truth for fear that they will loose financial support for their ministries and university.  Is that putting money above the Instruction and Teachings of God, the prophets, and Jesus - as they were first given? 

If you care about God, truth, and humanity - you've come to the right place to start your investigation to learn the real truth that liars and satans have been trying to prevent mankind from knowing - as it will set them free of the prison houses and caves they have been living in for centuries.  As a prophet, and the most likely "that prophet" of Deuteronomy 18, Jesus primary mission was to call Israel to repent of their following "Rabbi" and alterations to their "Scripture", and they killed him for telling people the truth.  Judaism has tried to destroy Christianity since its inception, and their perversions of the Instructions of Elohim have only multiplied since the days of Jesus, and are codified in their "oral torah's", which defy the Covenant of Elohim and display their hatred of themselves and mankind thereafter.  See: "The Strange Gods of Judaism" if you desire to see and understand what has been going on for centuries.


The proverbial groydian knot cannot be untied - we must seek the know the original and unaltered words of God, the Prophets, and Jesus (Yehoshua/Yeshua/Joshua).  Rather than untie it, we need to realize at all levels inside that give it strength in causing problems are based on the intertwining lies against human nature to cause both corruption and fear.  Only by "soaking" the knot in the completely penetrating truth of the Teachings given by Elohim can we allow that which has been corrupted to loosen from our minds and lives as we turn to observe and do what is patently right in the eyes of anyone of good character.  This is because there is no nonsense or mystery involved with the Truth as given by Elohim.  We cannot rid ourselves of the lies piled upon humanity for thousands of years by continuing in the "faith of our fathers", but all that remains that is good will survive doing what is right in the eyes of God and any mankind of good will  towards God and their fellow humanity that is willing to repent to believe God and reject evil - especially evils done in the name of God.



Information herein is based on years of study from the best independent resources available to see if what "we" have been told to believe by "Christianity" is true, or not.  If you are searching for answers that make sense and find accord to the Teachings and Instructions of God (Elohim/YHWH) from the begining, I believe you will find strong, reasonable and compelling evidence we need to restore His truth to mankind, and that His Truth makes more sense than any belief systems invented by those in current Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

All have inherited lies (due to altered texts) from their fathers, just as Jeremiah 16 prophecied of.  Also, in the most ancient sources, Elohim said it was not until the time of the end that people would once again seek what "the old paths" were, so they might return and find favor with Him again - that He knew the "schemes" they would devise.  This was told from the records from Moses, just as it was also told there was no "Fall", and mankind has always been capable and responsible to improve themselves to be forgiven and raise their relationship between Elohim and their fellow humanity.  Blood sacrifice is/was not required - but true justice and mercy is, and always has been.  Also, each of the Statements/Standards of Elohim provide  God given definitions of good versus evil;  love versus hate or indifference;  justice versus injustice; and mercy versus opression.  If you want to know truth from lies, or good from evil, all one has to do is to open your ears and mind to the Teachings of Elohim/YHWH.  The goodness of God towards man, and towards who He created humanity to become, have remained consistent from the beginning, and we must return to Him if we expect Him to be with us.

Paul defied the Decrees of Elohim and the teachings of Jesus (Joshua).  Anyone can open their eyes to see that Paul had no use to refer to the teachings of Jesus or the Decrees of Elohim in any of our records - so why has anyone been told to believe what he said in any of his letters?  We have all been told to believe his lies. Will you dare to do as I did?  Get a notebook.  Open Matthew and make some notes on what Jesus taught to be imperative teachings for his disciples - what his disciples are to do.  Then go to the writings of Paul.  I chose to review Galatians because it is the first book attributed to Paul.  I also chose to review Romans because it is the most explicit to see how Paul developed his Christology and "gospel of the cross."  Try to find where Paul taught the same thing Jesus did.  Take all the findings in context to the book it was written in.  Dare to notice that Paul is not really quoting anything Jesus taught his disciples - Pauls' teachings are all about what he said he received by "revelation" and that his testimony of Jesus defies Matthew.  If Paul defies the testimony of Jesus' disciples of record, who reportedly wrote Matthew well before 40 AD, and if Paul was abandoned by everyone at his first defense (2 Timothy 4:19), why should we believe anything he said?  Then ask your pastor, preacher, elder, dad or Priest or Pope - why was Paul put into the Christian New Testament since what he taught defies both Elohim Almighty and the teachings of Jesus in Matthew?  Who must we believe in?  God and Jesus and all the holy Prophets? or Paul?

Christians have Paul, Judaism have their "sacred" Rabbi teachings in their "Talmuds" - and those in Islam need to return to serve God on His terms... as does everyone else - because we've all inherited lies from our faith fathers that oppose the "old paths" given by God.  Effectively, I honestly think we have been made captives of lies so we remain in the prison houses invented by those who defy Elohim and their fellow mankind.  We cannot be freed from those prison houses until we resolve to seek the old paths and see that the Teachings and Decrees of God have been consistent since the beginning - since Eden and after the "Fall" - allow Elohim to open your ears that you might understand, that you might choose the true pathway - to "Choose life, that Ye may live!"  Don't believe me, check these things out for yourself!  Truth has no fear of being investigated honestly and openly.  If you belong to a Church that frowns on asking questions and expecting reasonable answers, you should realize you are in a cult that is hiding the observable truth of Elohim.  A word of extreme caution: Don't reject the knowledge given by Elohim, because if you reject what He said, you have rejected Him - you have rejected His plea of "Choose life that Ye may live!" and have passed on to "Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you."

My focus in study is observing what makes sense and remains true to the Instructions of God from antiquity.  This study has been many times more fruitful than considering what men have told us - whether from famous Rabbi, such as Hillel, or from early Church fathers, Popes, or from Protestant Reformers, such as Martin Luther, or restorationists as Alexander Campbell, Ellen White, or Joseph Smith.  All of our faith "fathers" believed and taught lies against Elohim/YHWH and all the true prophets of God *(mainly because we believed Paul).  God is judge of all, not me, and you if you dare consider the points made here, as based on the most original texts possible, you will discover all who have been told Scripture, as we possess them today, are the inerrent words of God, have been told to believe a lie. 

As for Judaism, I have yet to hear a reasonable defense of the charges Judaism has made about Jesus.  See the "Trial of the Ages" link near the end of the web site that proves Zionist Orthodox Judaism is more corrupt today than in Jesus' days, and that they have sought to destroy Christianity from the earth and believe God will not forgive them until they do!!!  Is their hatred against Jesus the cause of many evils on earth today?  This is not commonly known by most in Judaism, but is public information told on YouTube by Rabbi Tovia Singer, and is documented in several well researched books by Michael Hoffman.  Following our "fathers" has come to no good end, but has created division upon division in Christianity, Judaism and Islam. 

What might happen if we all take the advice of God to go back to the beginning, and go back to the Teachings and Covenant of Elohim as found in the proto-Deuteronomy book, "The Valediction of Moses" and also compare the Covenant to the teachings of Jesus (Joshua 2) in the Hebrew Matthew, which came before Mark or any other gospel account?  I've been amazed at the harmony between the Teachings given by Elohim and the teachings of Jesus in the Hebrew Matthew, which dates before 40 CE, versus the Greek 85 CE alterations.  If we understand Matthew to the context of living by every word that proceeded from the mouth of God (the first teaching of Jesus in Matthew), this may expose proof that the rest of the Christian New Testament is not even worthy of consideration to be reliable - to be unworthy of study by those who love God.

The more original a text is, the simpler and more complete it is.  One example is that we have God given instructions to know who we are to hear from whom we are told to ignore, yet many scholars deny there is a list whereby we can determine what is scripture from what is not.  What did God say in Deuteronomy 4, 12, 13 and 18?   Read them for yourself, then consider if this is not a correct outline of the Teachings:

Deuteronomy 4 : Do not add to or take away from His Decree as given.

Deuteronomy 12: Don't live by what is right in your own eyes; do the will of God faithfully.

Deuteronomy 13: Do the will of God faithfully.  Don't follow those who say to live otherwise - even if they work miracles or give true prophecy.

Deuteronomy 18: Do not use divination or sorcery.  Do not follow false prophets.  Hear the words of "that prophet" that God will raise up.  Verse 18; "I will establish a prophet for them from among their brethren, like you, and I will place My words in his mouth; He shall speak to them everything that I will command him."   (Note Deut. 34 established the works done by God through Moses.  Joshua led the people, but his works were not like Moses.  No other prophet in Hebrew Scripture can compare to the works God did through Yehoshua/Joshua/Jesus.



What significant evidence is there that Jewish or Christian scholars have used them to determine or to correct errors in their accounts of "Scripture" or who they follow?  A simple example of this can be found in "The lord's Prayer" in the Hebrew Matthew, as translated by George Howard: 

" But thus you shall pray: Our father, may your name be sanctified.  May your kingdom be blessed; may your will be done in heaven and on earth.  Give our bread continually.  Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us, and do not lead us into the power of temptation but keep us from all evil, amen."

The text was imbellished on, but the older account is easy to understand.


Another example is a plea from Jesus in Matthew 11: 

28.  Come unto me all you who are weary and who are enduring labor, and I will help you bear your yoke.  29.  Take my yoke as your yoke and learn of me that I am humble and good and pure of heart and you shall find rest for your souls, 30.  because my yoke is soft and my burden is light."  “Yoke” is to work – not rest to believe he did all the work – it is to work beside him – to do as he instructed and exampled – to live as he did – to do the works of God prepared for His people from the beginning.  See the first Commandment, see the "blessings", see the "curses", and consider them a unit of indivisible Teachings – those Elohim has kindness towards are those that love Him – those that love Him observe His word to do it.  As Jeremiah  6:16 has Elohim speaking; "Stand ye in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therin, and ye shall find rest for your souls."]


Regarding the accounts of the Old Testament, the account of the words of God to Satan, because he had deceived Eve, were plural for both the Serpent and Eve - not singular!  God did not say what Christians have been teaching from the account.  I have to agree with many in Judaism that believe the perversions done to the Hebrew text by Christianity should be considered a criminal act!  Why can't we just believe what God said?  Why must we be forced to believe and trust in those who have deliberately altered the words of Elohim?!  (There is also good reason to support knowing Judaism also altered their accounts of the Torah and Prophets.  Viewing the same Teachings as given by Elohim shows Jesus was teaching according to the Everlasting Covenant, as given at Sinai, but altered in the Iron Age.)


Going back to the beginning we have also been deceived by those who translated the Hebrew Scripture, as this example undermines the Christian concept of the "Fall" of mankind taught by Paul, and gives strong proof that the records were alterred and kept altered to support the greatest liar of all time since Satan:

If the account in Matthew is believed, Jesus NEVER claimed to be God! or Co-Creator!  Jesus taught the Torah Covenant of Elohim as no other prophet in the history of Israel!  No book written by Saul/Paul was true to Elohim or Jesus.  In no book of Paul can any true doctrine of God or Jesus be observed to be in total accord to Elohim or Jesus.  I was told I had to believe Paul taught the truth, because Paul was in the "Bible", so I had to believe Paul taught the truth - but when I learned the truth of God from Jesus - the scales fell from my eyes so I could see that Elohim is good and perfect in all His ways, and that the "curse" of the Law was only towards those who refused it to be their God given Standard to live by!  God gave us knowledge - Paul gave us nonsense and called it a "spiritual mystery hidden from ages past".  Paul was an apostle of Satan, not Jesus.

Did Elohim curse the Serpent for deceiving Adam and Eve away from what He had told them?  If mankind became abjectly fallen from His presense that day,  why did He tell Cain, after the "Fall", that if he improved himself, he would be forgiven?  How could that have been impossible if Elohim told him that he was capable and responsible to improve himself?

What were the words of God to Cain, before he killed his brother Able?  Translation to English  from the Stone Edition of the Tanach says: "Why are you annoyed, and why has your countenance fallen? Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven.  But if you do not improve yourself, sin rests at the door.  Its desire is toward you, yet you can conquer it."  


Truth can be known to be truth because the Covenant of Elohim is near us, in our hearts, that no one needs to pretend otherwise - His truth is immutable, and any honest soul should recognize it when they hear it.  Even young children can recognize that the Instructions of God make sense, and the truth has sufficient depth to provide for us all our lives, and remains true at all levels.  It is the foundation whereby we "choose life, that Ye may live!"  Lies (perversions of the texts and faked or unreliable "scriptures") lead to endless coverups of truth and the inability to know, or discern, good from evil - such is the way of ignorance - but not so with Elohim.  Why haven't our Churches or Synagogues simply and faithfully taught the pathway to life as given by Elohim throughout human history?  If we want to be blessed by Elohim, these are who He said are blessed:  

"Blessed is the man who has Elohim as his god, and who prostrates himself only to him, and who serves him alone."  

"Blessed is the man who sanctifies the seventh day and rests on it."  

"Blessed is he who honors his father and his mother." 

"Blessed is the man who does not avenge or exact retribution for the soul of his brother." 

"Blessed is the man who does not defile the wife of his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not cheat his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not swear in my name falsely."

"Blessed is the man who does not deceive or lie to his fellow."

"Blessed is he who does not lust after anyone belonging to his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who loves his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who upholds all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."


 How can we justify believing anyone who directly lies against the Standards that were given by Elohim? The writings of Paul and the author of Hebrews directly lie in saying Elohim did not give the Law, but that it came as a curse to Israel via lowly angels or elementals!   If you choose to continue to put any trust in Paul or Hebrews, it is because you are rejecting Elohim, Jesus, and all the prophets in the Holy Scriptures, as well as the Psalms.  Truth be told - Elohim gave definition to love in each of the Decrees of the Covenant!  Dare we turn from lies so we can be blessed by Elohim?!  Dare we know the difference between truth and lies, or good versus evil?

This video is of a priest discussing the current state of stuper much of mankind is in today as a result of the failure of our education systems and people that continue to walk away from God.  While I'm not a member of his  "faith family" sect, he does bring up and briefly discuss how we have abandoned reason for feelings - which is the opposite of the pathway given by Elohim to live in the Covenant, and in the teachings of Jesus. 


We, nor our fathers, have any of the "original" documents for any of the "Scripture" in our Bible.  Neither can Judaism "prove" the "Ten Commandments" they have in their scripture is currently as given by Elohim at Mount Sinai.  From my perspective, comparing "our" current list to "The Valediction of Moses" account it can easily be seen the Covenant conditions were altered. 

One  evidence is "Thou shalt not steal" is profoundly simplistic when compared the the "V" account.  The difference is remarkable - as the current account was used to invent "kidnapping" and stealing the lives of others, when we can see in the "V" account that such a viewpoint is totally against the Standard as given by Elohim.  God, if He is just and true, would not have given such a simplistic account of justice to mankind.  Whose account is true to "V", but the God inspired teachings of Jesus (Joshua 2)?  Who dares to be true to the Covenant as given by Elohim? 

None, whether Jewish or Christian or of Islam - no one has the originals.  Scripture is somewhat like a holographic negative, elements of all portions of the picture can be found elsewhere in the negative, so if a portion was cut out, enough of the picture remains elsewhere to see the picture clearly enough.  Therefore, if we are careful in our studies, we can discern places where the texts were altered - especially so when we have older "negatives" to look for like information.

The Dead Sea Scrolls prove the Hebrew copies maintained from 300 BC to near 70 AD were not exacting as we might hope to find.  For an example, Isaiah, of which there were the most copies, has about 1000 variations between DSS texts, LXX, the Masoretic text, and the Christian record of Isaiah. The commonly held view that the scrolls were part of a sect of Judaism copying scrolls has been disproven by reputable scholars.  National Geographic magazine recently published a booklet on the Dead Sea Scrolls, but they didn't dare scratch the surface of the significance the ancient copies of the Hebrew Scriptures has to tell us!  Awaken from your slumber of trusting others with the eternal fate of your soul!  Take responsibility for your own sake!!

We should appreciate the efforts of the scholarship used by who wrote "The Valediction of Moses" (Idan Dershowitz, the Chair of Hebrew Bible and Its Exegesis at the University of Postdam*), as they gave considerable weight to the accounts in the Prophets charges against Israel and the need for repentence, to better match the proto-deuteronomy text.  The Prophets were nearlly quoting the Covenant as given by Elohim when they were charging Israel of greavious sins and telling them to repent!  In effect, old Judaism turned what was about five pages into 34 chapters filled with Judaic law codes, as well as historical accounts that do not match what archeology is finding of the historical evidences to date - do rocks lie?  It is extremely likely that much of what we have as "Deuteronomy" was crafted by the priests and scribes to support things that were not according to the Original Text as it was written. Dare we note how this impacts the foundation of our respective "faiths"?  Dare we observe we have been told to believe "faked scripture"?  Is there reason to believe?  Is there proof we can rely on?  As you look into this, it seems out of place that God was instructing Israel about slaves immediately after their alterations to the Covenant in the Exodus records as well??  God is not the one who invented slavery, and His justice was shown in His freeing Israel and the multitude of nation from slavery in Egypt, to then freely serve Him alone as the One True God who blesses those who love Him and their fellow man in truth and deed - according to His just pathway of life!

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Do we have good reason to return to Elohim that He might be true to His words of life?  I believe the answer to this is "Yes", but we need to do the best we can to observe those writings that were true to the Covenant of Elohim, as originally given, which "The Valediction of Moses" proves was deeper and different than the accounts in Jewish and Christian "Scripture"!  Our fathers had no access to this information, and I cannot keep it to myself, because if I did, Elohim would hold me accountable for not having warned a blind man of an obsticle in his pathway!!!  Wake up from the lies and turn to Elohim in His reasonable and reliable ways - the "Holy Way" of Isaiah 35 and the gospel taught by Jesus (Joshua 2) in Matthew - the Hebrew Matthew.  If you dare open your eyes, you will observe all the other gospels testify against the Matthew account to greater or lessor extent, and therefore are not worthy of trust. 

We can observe similar things with the Christian New Testament.  I've included a link to the chart about the historical development of the New Testament Canon we have today that is claimed by most to be the "inerrent word of God."  Looking over this chart there are several things we need to know so we are not bamboozled to believe a clever con: 1.  The Hebrew Gospel, which I believe was the Hebrew Matthew, was accepted by several groups of believers before 40 CE; it was written first and is also the most complete account, it is also the account that is in accord to the best we can know of the Hebrew Scriptures, and even "The Valediction of Moses" provides stronger evidence the teachings of Jesus matching the older account of the Covenant Conditions from the paleo-Hebrew text.  2.  The later a book was written, the more it taught the deification of Jesus - from a mortal man who ascended to heaven, born of Elohim at his baptism - to a pre-existant Son of God who is Co-Creator with Elohim, and the literal "Word made flesh" and a "sacrifice" for sin of anyone who believes Jesus shed his blood on the cross so we might be forgiven and saved eternally - merely by faith - of which such a concept is absent from the Hebrew Matthew, and indeed, all the Hebrew Scripture.  It's a false arguement to say you believe the texts received were inerrant, and then do no investigation to the texts historically - and deeply.  No one, Jews, Christians or Islam, possess any of the "originals", so we need to check internal evidences from the texts to see what finds accord to the Teachings of Elohim and the Prophets to see if any of the Christian New Testament is telling us the truth - the provable truth.  God does not require bloodshed to forgive sins; Paul and "Hebrews" do not find accord to Elohim, the Prophets, or Jesus in Matthew. (the original and only account written by his chosen disciple eyewitnesses)

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Taking books and inserting them in the same cover does not make the addition "Scripture" if one is not using the Teachings given by Elohim to see if what someone said or wrote is true - or not.  Which of the books in the Christian New Testament are in accord with the ancient Hebrew Scriptures?  Which of the books written by Joseph Smith Jr., or Ellen White find total accord to the Covenant of Elohim and the teachings of Jesus?  The basic reason there are so many different beliefs in Christianity (15,000 churches?) is the accounts put in the New Testament are not compatable or consistant.  We need to practice due dillegence so search the texts to observe truth from error - and truth must be determined from the words of God, considering all the evidence - not setting "The Valediction of Moses" aside because it proves the words of God were altered.  If you look at the evidence, God spoke directly to this situation we find ourselves in today who have noted greavious errors in Scripture as we possess them today.  The errors preceeded the King James Version.  The errors preceeded Jerome!  But if we care about truth and harmony among mankind - we need to get busy to investigate and study that we might show we do care and are at least doing our best to ensure we are seeking Elohim with all our heart, soul and mind.


At first glance the existing problem seems monumental, but we need to know Elohim also has great mercy towards those that love Him and have done the best they can to live their lives uprightly before God and their fellow mankind, and that they "do no evil."  The first place we need to investigate is knowing what Elohim said is evil, and that we do as He said through Isaiah in chapter 1, and that we turn to Him with a whole heart as spoken through Ezekiel 18 - that we cease evil and learn to do good; it is the process of renewing our minds by learning from the Father in Heaven the manner of life that He will bless, so that He is with us wherever we are, and that He is the One leading us into our future...that He is our God, Teacher, Redeemer and Savior.  Where in Matthew did Jesus teach otherwise?


We first hear Elohim speak of Israel as his first born son in his words to Pharoh as to why he was going to kill Pharoh's first born son in Exodus 4:23, but don't let this confuse you, because a Psalm foretells of one to whom it would later be said: You are my son, this day have I begotten you - which was reported to have been said to Jesus (Joshua) at his baptism by John - that is when he was begotten by God.  We can also note the purpose of Israel was to serve God, and later that they were to be an example to the nations as a testimony to them from God.  Due to the unfaithfulness of Israel to keep the Covenant to serve God, he sent many prophets to Israel, calling for true repentance to keep his Covenant and be his witness to mankind.  Jesus taught nothing in Matthew that was not taught by the previous prophets or Elohim, however Jesus did teach keeping the Covenant, and indeed all the Law as given by Elohim through Moses.  This can be observed in the Sermon on the Mount, that all those who are "blessed", are those who are faithful to Elohim and the Covenant - key word searches via a Concordance will show each of the blessings/blessed is towards those who keep the Covenant faithfully - that they love and serve Elohim alone and that they live justly, love mercy, and that they treat their fellow man keeping in mind they are also made in the image of Elohim - and thereby are due that respect.  The fact is that Elohim told them to not think they were to inherit the land because of their goodness, or merely by being related to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - Elohim told them what would become of them if they became evil, as those who were in the Land they were about to dispossess - it was because of their evil that Elohim was giving the Land to Israel - the descendents of the fathers, and Elohim also gave boarders to the Land - not that they were to possess the earth or its inhabitants.


Elohim said the Teachings were given so he would know if they would "follow my Teaching, or not", and if it was good enough for Elohim to distinguish thereby, it is certainly good that we too do likewise so that we can know "who serves Elohim" from who serves him not - they are His Standards to live by and judge by, and each person will give account of themselves in regards to them - because they are His Standards - but they were evidently altered about the time of Ezekiel.


Exodus 19: 4-6; "You have seen what I did to Egypt, and that I have borne you on the wings of eagles and brought you to Me.  And now, if you hearken well to Me and observe My covenant, you shall be to Me the most beloved treasure of all peoples, for Mine is the entire world.  You shall be to Me a kingdom of ministers and a holy nation."  God foretold the end from the beginning - see Deuteronomy 4; "I appoint heaven and earth this day to bear witness against you that you will surely perish quickly from the Land to which you are crossing the Jordan to possess: you shall not have lengthy days upon it, for you will be destroyed.  Elohim, your God, will scatter you among the peoples, and you will be left few in number among the nations where Elohim will lead you.  There you will serve gods, the handiwork of man, of wood and stone, which do not see, and do not eat, and do not smell." (recall Elohim coming down and sharing a  meal with Abraham)  (don't be deceived, look up the symbolism of the "star of David" - it was not the "star of David" - see where the symbol originated)

Oprah show about ritual child sacrifice - decades ago - evidence of some Jewish Satanic beliefs and practices.


"From there you will seek Elohim, your God, and you will find Him, if you search for Him with all your heart and all your soul.  When you are in distress and all these things have befallen you, at the end of days, you will return unto Elohim, your God, and harken to His voice..."For inquire now the covenant of your forefathers that He swore to them.  For inquire now regarding the early days that preceded you, from the day when God created man on the earth, and from one end of heaven to the other end of heaven: Has there ever been anything like this great thing or has anything like it been heard?  Has a people ever heard the voice of God speaking from the midst of the fire as you have heard, and servived?  Or has any god ever miraculously come to take for himself a nation from amidst a nation, with challenges, with signs, and with wonders, and with war, and with a strong hand, and with an outstretched arm, and with greatly awesome deeds, such as everything that Elohim, your God, did for you in Egypt before your eyes?  You have been shown in order to know that Elohim, He is the God!  There is none beside Him!"

Then regarding the nations He said to dispossess we see specifics in Deuteronomy 7 that were for those specific nations that were to be destroyed, and those things were not spoken to be against everyone but "Jews", as "a multitude of nations" left Egypt with Israel to serve Elohim and keep the Covenant.  Given the history of Israel since Ezekiel, evidently it's been a long time since Elohim has acted likewise to His outstretched arm in liberating them from Egypt.  And we should also recall Elohim told them not to think  they were immune from the same justice of Elohim as was done to the kingdoms of Caanan or to Pharoh in Egypt.  It would appear that they did not return to Elohim with a whole heart after the Baylonian Captivity, but they gave birth to their "oral torah" to supercede the words spoken by Elohim from Sinai, and they also failed to build the Temple and do as told by God through Ezekiel.  They also killed "that prophet" and consider they justly had him disposed of for daring to tell people to obey Elohim, rather than their "rabbi" and "sages of the ages" who gave them the oral torah, midrash and zohar to replace the easily known Teachings of Elohim.  I suspect the instructions given by Ezekiel regarding the Temple may have been to restore what they had altered already when he was around - but this is just a suspicion.



My intent herein is to convey evidence for the easily understood fact that the most ancient Scripture shows remarkable simplicity of wisdom, reason and common sense.  Nothing God instructed or taught is unreasonable or too hard to understand or do, and most of Judaism and Christianity have  been deceived away from what He taught.  Jews, such as Rabbi Tovia Singer, ask: "What good is Jesus if  he did not die to pay for your sins?" (paraphrased basis from several of his chides against Christianity)  What good is Jesus? 


Those who hear Jesus with their ears open as disciples indeed can, and should, know Jesus taught the real truth of God; Jesus taught truth, morality, justice, love and trust in Elohim and His Covenant Standards as no other prophet in the history of Israel or Judaism.  Jesus taught True morality that makes a thousand more times sense in 28 chapters of Matthew than the volumes of work of all the Rabbinical Sages of the Ages thousands of pages of contradictions against both Elohim and their fellow mankind as they defile the Covenant more today than was the practice when Jesus spoke to them.

Jesus taught salvation is through a living relationship with the One True God that loves Him and seeks to do what He says is upright living towards Him and our fellow man.  This is why when Jesus was asked which is the greatest commandment that he said to love God first, and added the need to love your fellow man as yourself.  Jesus was joining the Ten Teachings to the Blessings and the Curses.  The need to love Elohim only is the First Teaching, and loving your fellow man is in the Blessings - showing he was teaching what Elohim had joined together as the Standards He gave for mankind to live by. (The Decrees, Blessings and Cursess - taken together as a unit are the "Teachings" of Elohim/YHWH given at Sinai - the "Covenant" of Elohim Almighty.)

The Ten Teachings of God can only be understood when we realize we cannot fully keep the Covenant until we understand our relationship to God is reflected in our relationship towards ourselves and others, and that we know the means by which Elohim said we can know who serves Him, from who does not - that we know good from evil.  Half the Teachings are about our relationship with God, and the other half are about what we do towards others reflecting this towards others because man was created in the image of God.  God is known by what He says and does, and likewise, we are known by what we say and do  to be in alignment to the Teachings of God.  The basic "Christian Doctrine" flaw is failing to recognize the context of all Jesus' Teachings is the Everlasting Covenant of God, as originally ratified with the children of Israel and the multitude of nations at Mount Sinai. 



All the teachings of Jesus can be observed to directly reside in the previously given words of God, especially knowing he was calling Israel to cease doing what He said is evil and repent of following men, rather than God; second is the fact that Jesus was re-establishing that the Everlasting Covenant ratified at Mount Sinai was given for men of all nations who desire to "serve God" and thereby reside in His blessing and kindness - according to His word.   Truth be told - God told Cain, after the "Fall", that he was capable and responsible to improve himself - to better his relationship with both God and his brother!  God never said mankind was abjectly fallen due to the "sin" of eating from a tree!  That, my brethren, is a lie against Elohim Almighty!  A parable of Jesus in Luke is a good example, although I have less regard for Luke than Matthew, the prodigal son parable is a good teaching about Elohim rejoicing over a wayward son coming home to him.  He is absoulutely gracious to us, but we have to return to Him for the proper relationship we should have had to start with.  Another parable of the workers in the vineyard tells us that at whatever state of our lifetime - morning, noon, or towards the end of our days, if we come to labor in the vineyard, we will receive justly from Elohim for our labors on His behalf - and according to the Covenant whereby the blessings and kindness of God so graciously give us guidance and wisdom to learn from Him.


The simple and reasonable truth is that if we have been wronged, we have a right to justice.  Whoever wronged us should make the wrong right again.  If they have defamed our name by lieing about us, they should publicly set the matter straight and apologize.  If they have stolen from us, they should restore what that stole or defrauded us of.  The same matter applies to justice as told by Elohim.  He also gave instructions by which He said if a person does to make things right - that His Standard prevails, and it would be unjust to require more or less, excepting as He gave instructions that permit it to be so.  For example, when some are to be restored, the person  should repay the amount plus 20%, or one-fifth.  Leviticus gives us the main outline, and I've not studied it enough to pretend to lay out all the justice given by Elohim in one paragraph here.  That restitution differs can be seen if someone defrauds those who cannot be restored for good reason or cause, then the wronging party is to restore by giving four times the amount to the fund for the poor - so there is much motivation to restore to each party as possible, rather than deferring to the four-fold restoration.  (Particularly note Leviticus, when God said: "And so he shall be forgiven")  Those are the Standards given, and our society has certainly ignored justice as it was defined by Elohim.  If we were taught the real standards He gave in the Covenant, it would be very easy to identify who is following the Instructions of Elohim, from those who are not.  Therefore, repentance, to be true to God, must be turning to perform the Covenant in truth and deed.  Nothing in those Standards is too hard to do, nor are they too hard to understand - but we must be willing to submit to what He declared just, right, and merciful.  He never said those who defy His instructions are blessed by Him.  If we claim to serve Him, we cannot claim we do and then defy His Standards of Mercy, Justice and Truth, and the Teachings of Jesus in Matthew are all about living rightly with God and our fellow man.  Elohim did not give imprisonment as just punishment.  Imprisionment in lies is the pathway of Satan, not Elohim/YHWH.  As with Israel in Egypt, the way of serving Elohim is freedom, not imprisonment.  The pathway of God leads to justice, fairness, truth and mercy.


The Standards given by Elohim about being holy because He is holy - no where did He ever give the standard to pretend to be more holy than another, in the sense of becoming a monk or a nun or priest made anyone a better person than someone else in His eyes.  The Standards, as He gave, are based on who we were created to be, and that we need to be the humans made in His image - and that there is one set of Standards all will be judged by and He warned not to add to them or subtract from them - these Standards are universally to be applied to all those who He will call "My people".

These are the Covenant according to "V"; observe how they harmonize to the teachings of Jesus:

(1) I am Elohim, your god, who freed you from the land of Egypt, from the slave-house.  You shall not have any other gods.  You shall not make a carving or any image that is in the heavens above or the earth below or in the waters beneath the earth.  You shall not prostrate yourselves before them, and you shall not serve them.  I am Elohim, your god.

(2) Sanctify the seventh day and rest on it.  For in six days I made the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, and I rested on the seventh day.  Therefore you too shall rest, along with your livestock and all that you have.  I am Elohim, your god.

(3)  Honor your father and your mother.  I am Elohim, your god.

(4) You shall not commit adultery with the wife of your fellow.  I am Elohim, your god.

(5) You shall not steal the wealth of your brother.  I am Elohim, your god.

(6) You shall not swear in my name falsely, for I shall avenge the transgression of the fathers against the sons, grandsons, and great grandsons for those who bear my name falsely.  I am Elohim, your god.

(7) You shall not submit against your fellow a false judgment.  I am Elohim, your god.

(8) You shall not desire the wife of your fellow, his male slave, his female slave, or anything that is his.  I am Elohim, your god.

(9) You shall not hate your brother in your heart.  I am Elohim, your god.

(10) It is these ten pronouncements that Elohim uttered to you upon the mountain from amid the fire."

"Blessed is the man who has Elohim as his god, and who prostrates himself only to him, and who serves him alone." 

"Blessed is the man who sanctifies the seventh day and rests on it." 

"Blessed is he who honors his father and his mother."

"Blessed is the man who does not avenge or exact retribution for the soul of his brother."

"Blessed is the man who does not defile the wife of his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not cheat his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who does not swear in my name falsely."

"Blessed is the man who does not deceive or lie to his fellow."

"Blessed is he who does not lust after anyone belonging to his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who loves his fellow."

"Blessed is the man who upholds all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."

"Cursed is the man who does a carving or a casting, the handiwork of a craftsman."

"Cursed is the man who does work on the seventh day."

"Cursed is he who disgraces his father and mother."

"Cursed is he who strikes down his fellow in secret."

 "Cursed is the man who approaches any of his kin, or who commits adultery with the wife of his fellow, or who       copulates with any animal." 

 "Cursed is he who moves the boundary marker of his fellow." 

 "Cursed is the man who swears falsely in my name."

 "Cursed is he who takes a bribe to give false judgment against his comrade."

 "Cursed is the man who desires and lusts after the wife of his fellow, his daughter, his female slave, or anything that is his."

"Cursed is the man who hates his brother in his heart."

"Cursed is the man who does not uphold all the proclamations of this teaching to perform them."


HGOM, Matthew 11

20.  Then Jesus began to curse the cities in which his signs were done, for they did not turn in repentance.


21.  Woe to you (Corozim) and woe to you Beth Saida, for if in Tyre and Sodom, that is, Tirao deter or Sidomah, the signs had been done which were done in you, they would have turned in repentance at that time in sack cloth and ashes. [Similar statement about judgment of Sodom and Gommorah.]


22.  Truly I say to you, it shall be easier for Tyre and Sodom than for you.


23.  You Capernaum, will you ascend to heaven?  From there you will be brought down.  Because if in Sodom the signs which were done in you had been done, perhaps she would have remained.  Unto Sheol you will be brought down.


24.  Truly I say to you that it shall be easier for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment than for you.


25.  At that time Jesus raised himself up and said: Be praised my Father, creator of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these words from the wise and prudent and have revealed them to the humble. [[[Note well that in no way did Jesus claim to be “co-creator” as taught by the false apostle and liar Saul/Paul, or the spurious "gospel of John".]]]


26.  Truly this is because it was upright before you, my Father.


27.  All that has been given to me from my Father.  There I none who knows the son, but the Father alone, and the Father no one knows, but the son and to whomever the son wishes to reveal him.  (I really don't think we've understood because we've not recognized the Christian Bible  is not the inerrent word of God.  Once you realize all Jesus' teachings are in full accord and context to the Sinai Covenant 10 Decrees - it's like finding a whole new land to explore and wonder at it's beauty and provisions in all things.)


28.  Come unto me all you who are weary and who are enduring labor, and I will help you bear your yoke.


29.  Take my yoke as your yoke and learn of me that I am humble and good and pure of heart and you shall find rest for your souls,


30.  because my yoke is soft and my burden is light. [Spread the message, teach and reprove; “yoke” is to work – not rest to believe he did all the work – it is to work beside him – to do as he instructed and exampled – to live as he did – to do the works of God prepared for His people from the beginning.  See the whole Covenant with the blessings and the curses – those He has kindness towards are those that love Him – those that love Him observe His Covenant to do it.  As Jeremiah  6:16 has Elohim speaking; "Stand ye in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therin, and ye shall find rest for your souls."].




Ample proof will be supplied to show what we now have in our "Scriptures" has been altered, and it is the alterations via poor translations or having unjustifiable books into our "Scripture" that have added to our confusions.  The words of God and Jesus have been altered since they were originally received - the evidence is overwhelming to prove this is the "truth" - our Scriptures have been altered!  If you are afraid of the Original Truth of God - if you are afraid that you cannot handle the truth - what is to become of those who believe in lies against God?   What is to become of anyone who refuses to accept the words of God, as given?  What is to become of anyone who is teaching lies against what Elohim said about those who reject His gracious Instruction in righteousness?  "Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you."


Did God not prophesy of the situation we are in today, that it is because we have "inherited lies from our fathers"?   Jeremiah 16: 11-21; " It is because your forefathers have forsaken Me - the word of Elohim - and they followed the gods of others; they worshiped them and prostrated themselves before them, but Me, they forsook; and My Torah they did not observe.  And you have acted worse than your forefathers, for each one of you follows the vision of his evil heart, in order not to listen to me.  So I shall hurl you from upon this land into a land that you did not know - you or your forefathers - and there you will serve the gods of others, day and night, for I will not grant you leniency.

However, behold - days are coming - the word of Elohim - when it will no longer be said, 'As Elohim lives, Who took out the children of Israel from the land of Egypt,' but rather, 'As Elohim lives, Who took out the children of Israel from the land of the North and from all the lands where He had scattered them'; and I shall return them to their land, wich I gave to their forefathers. (This was fulfilled to the day as Elohim said He would in their return from Babylonion captivity)

Behold, I shall send many fishermen - the word of Elohim - and they will fish them out, and afterwards I shall send many trappers and they will trap them from atop every mountain and every hill and from the crevices in the rocks.  For My eyes are upon all their ways; they are not hidden from before Me, and their sin is not concealed from before My eyes.  I shall repay them first for the repetition of their forefathers' sin and transgression, for having desecrated My land; with their disgusting abominations and their detestations they have filled up My heritage." (Note the Star of David is Israel's sign now - the star of Remphan, not David.)

Elohim, my Strength, my Stronghold and my Refuge on the day of distress!  To You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say: "It was all falsehood that our ancestors inherited, futility that has no purpose.  Can a man make gods for himself? - they are not gods!



If the account in Matthew is believed, Jesus NEVER claimed to be God! or Co-Creator!  Jesus taught the Torah Covenant of Elohim as no other prophet in the history of Israel!  No book written by Saul/Paul was true to Elohim or Jesus.  In no book of Paul can any true doctrine of God or Jesus be observed to be in total accord to Elohim or Jesus.  I used to believe Paul taught the truth - but when I learned the truth of God from Jesus - the scales fell from my eyes so I could see that Elohim is good and perfect in all His ways, and that the "curse" of the Law was only towards those who refused it to be their God given Standard to live by!  God gave us knowledge - Paul gave us nonsense and called it a "spiritual mystery hidden from ages past".  Paul was an apostle of Satan, not Jesus.

Did Elohim curse the Serpent for deceiving Adam and Eve away from what He had told them?  If mankind became abjectly fallen from His presense that day,  why did He tell Cain, after the "Fall", that if he improved himself, he would be forgiven?  How could that have been impossible if Elohim told him that he was capable and responsible to improve himself?

What were the words of God to Cain, before he killed his brother Able?  ETZ HAYIM, Genesis 4: 6-7: "Why are you distressed, and why is your face fallen?  Surely, if you do right, there is uplift (forgiveness - elevation in our relationship with God and our fellow).  But if you do not do right, sin couches at the door: it's urge is toward you, yet you can be its master."  Translation from The Stone Edition of the Tanach says: "Why are you annoyed, and why has your countenance fallen? Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven.  But if you do not improve yourself, sin rests at the door.  Its desire is toward you, yet you can conquer it."  Both are translations of the same Hebrew passage - consider both translations carefully.  The Stone Edition seems very clear to me. 



The belief that since the "fall" of mankind in the Garden, that man has been incapable to be right in the eyes of God is a total fabrication by Christianity, even though Jesus never said any such thing!  How can that belief be true, or true to God, if it defies what God told Cain - after the "fall"?  The simple truth is that we are to "improve ourselves" to elevate ourselves in our relationship to Elohim and our fellow humanity. (Per the Covenant Ten Commandments/Blessins/Curses, how we treat our fellow shows where our relationship with God really is)  If God the Father said we are capable and responsible to live uprightly before God and our fellow man, why doesn't Judaism or Christianity teach this obvious truth to be as important as God said it was, that we "Choose life that ye might live!"?   If one Law was given by Elohim for everyone, why has Judaism bifurcated between the Ten Commandments and the rabbinical "Seven Noahide Laws"?  Why has Judaism said they must keep to their "Oral Torah" to be more blessed than those who abide in the words of Elohim in the Covenant?  Why has Orthodox Judaism turned to "613 Commandments" enumerated by a Rabbi in the 12th Century, as they rejected the plain and upright Teachings of Elohim from Sinai?  Why does Orthodox Judaism teach only they are worthy to obey Elohim, and that non-Jews have no more soul than an animal?  Investigate "The Law of the Tent".  Read "Judaism Discovered," or "The Strange Gods of Judaism" by Michael Hoffman if you want to see if this is true or not.  You'll be amazed at the bigotry in Judaism, as they then accuse every one else of "anti-Semitism" for realizing how evil many are (evil being the definitions of evil as given by Elohim - not me!).

Many translations obscure the account.  This principle is totally consistant to the Covenant and all the teachings of Jesus in the Hebrew Matthew.  The Instructions of God are easy to recognise, and can be retold in English so we understand what God said - there is no "magic" in Hebrew, and Elohim wants all mankind to know the truth He spoke for our benefit.  There is also no "magic" in "the holy grail", "holy water", or "magic crackers" or "magic wine"



Jesus never gave us "the sinners prayer" so we could be saved eternally by saying it!!!  No, Jesus taught the truth of God as no other prophet of Elohim since Moses!  Jesus taught repentance towards God and our fellow!  "Repent, for the kingdom of God is near."  If we are to live, we must choose to live, and according to God, all the prophets, and according to Jesus, one must repent of doing evil - cease what is evil in the Teachings of Elohim, and learn to do good - to grow in our understanding and living uprightly before God and our fellow humanity (as they are willing to accept our peace towards them).  The time has come to "Restore!" the Teachings of Elohim and Jesus (Joshua), as fortold in Isaiah 42:23.  Christianity believes faked Scriptures! and Orthodox Judaism in her blinded sages of the ages, who falsely judged Joshua (Jesus).  They have done what they accused Jesus of - not Jesus!  See the evidence in the Hebrew Matthew - their charges were false then, and the added charges today are a greater evil than their "fathers" accused him of!



Dead Sea Scrolls Bible, Isaiah 42: 13-25;  "The LORD (YHWH) goes forth like a warrior.  He fires up his furor like a man of war.  Showing his anger, he shouts aloud.  He prevails against his enemies.  Certainly I have kept silent for a long time.  I have kept still and restrained myself.  Now I will cry out like a woman giving birth; I will grasp and pant together.  I will devestate mountains and hills and dry up all their vegetation.  I will make the rivers islands and dry up the ponds.  I will help the blind walk by a way that they do not know.  In paths they do not know I will lead them.  I will make the dark places before them light and rough places level.  I will do these things and I will not abandon them.  Those who trust in idols will be turned back and utterly shamed, who say to imagesd "You are our gods." (Star on the flag of Israel is not of David.  Read "Synagogue of Satan".  Is it not the star of Remphan, the star of the Rothschilds Banking?)

Listen, you who are deaf; look, you who are blind, and see.  Who is blind but my servant or deaf like my messenger whom I send?  Who is blind like the one allied with me and blind like the LORD's servant?  You have seen many things, but you do not observe.  His eares are open, but he does not hear. (Lending money at interest was a mortal sin until the 1400's and the Roman Church banking with wealthy Jewish bankers.) (That Jewish lending practices far predate this is known by the warnings of Elohim/YHWH through the prophets to Israel - see Ezekiel 18 for example.)

The LORD (YHWH) had desired, for the sake of his vindication, that he should increarse his torah and glorify it. (Rather than better understand and do the will of Elohim as given - they altered the Covenant and then made their "ORAL TORAH" to be more importand to follow than the words of God Almighty!) Instead, this is a people despoiled and plundered.  All of them are trapped in holes and hidden in prisons.  They have become prey whom no one rescues, a spoil and no one says, "Restore!"  Who is among you that will hear this?  Indeed let him pay attention and listen for the time to come.  Who gave Jacob over to be despoiled and Israel to plunderers?  Was it not the LORD (YHWH), against whom we have sinned, and in whose ways they were not willing to walk and whose instruction they would not obey?  So he poured upon him the heat of his anger and the fierceness of war.  It set him on fire all around, but he did not recognize it.  It burned him, but he did not think about it." 


The words of Elohim, the prophets, and the most original teachings of Jesus (Joshua) in Matthew, and more particularly the Hebrew Matthew, the simple observable truth of all of them prove that Jesus was teaching the proper interpretation and application of the Covenant of Elohim as ratified at Sinai with both Israel proper, and the "multitude of nations" that left Egypt with Israel to serve the One True God - Elohim, the "Father in heaven" and Creator of mankind.

Why have we believed those who lied to us about God and Jesus?  Why have we not searched through the accounts of Scripture enough to trust what God said is His Everlasting Covenant?  Why have we not studied the accounts of Jesus enough to realize the bulk of the "New Testament" (term invented by the first "christian" heretic - Marcion) testifies against the words of God and the Jesus account written before 40 CE by the chosen disciples of Jesus? (Matthew) 

I've been trying to tell the truth on Jesus, but constantly meet resistance from EVERY Christian fellowship.  Who dares believe the testimony of Jesus today?  As it was in ancient Israel, today people are always glad to hear a prophet come lately, such as Joseph Smith Jr. or Jonathan Kahn, or any number of authors paraded on major Christian programming, such as Jim Baker with a new doom and gloom book to sell.  So I finally asked myself the question: Why do we believe liars?  This was first on a Google search today:

We believe lies when we feel too vulnerable to allow the truth and its consequences to manifest in our lives. When truth does emerge, we often feel terribly betrayed and we can lose faith in our own ability to make good judgments. To protect against this pain, we sometimes continue lying to ourselves long after reality seems unavoidable. 

Jesus made no claim to being a demigod, or avatar, or to be equal to Elohim, nor did Jesus say he would be crucified on the cross as a sacrifice for sin, or that his righteousness is going to be imputed to anyone else, let alone to the enemies of God!  So if we believe Jesus told the truth, why do we listen to those who lied against the Covenant Decrees of God and imagine Paul told more truth than God, all the Prophets, and Jesus!?  Dare we wake up and repent of the lies we've been told about doing the will of God on earth as it is in heaven?!


The real truth is that God desires no one perish, but that all would repent and live!   It is something we must do as individuals - each person will be held accountable for themselves in what they say and do - this is what Jesus taught!  The untold "gospel truth" is that we must repent to observe and do the Covenant of Elohim, as it was from the day it was given - not as Jews or Christians have defied it, altered it, and spoken against the Teachings of Elohim!  If you think this cannot be so, check the site links titled  "The Gospel and the Law" or "How To Tell Truth From Lies", as both show the Covenant as given and briefly discuss the differences between what we have versus what came before, but was altered about 3000 years ago.  See the site link "Trial of the Ages" or "The Hebrew Matthew" to see if Jesus (Joshua) was telling the truth of the Original Covenant, or not.  From all I have been able to observe, Jesus was telling the truth of Elohim as given - further proof he was a true prophet of God, and the most likely candidate for "that prophet" foretold by Moses in Dueteronomy 18.

God is not too hard to understand, and nothing He spoke in the Covenant is too hard to do - but we must take the whole covenant - the unaltered Covenant - along side the "Blessings and the Curses", as they are very clear to show the difference between who is blessed as oppossed to who is cursed (good vs evil)!   Let's stop all the nonsense and return to Elohim by making His Standards to be our standards for living a just and reasonable life before our God and our fellow!  It is by the word of God in the Covenant that we are able to discern truth and error, but we cannot know the knowledge God gave for us to know if we continue to believe those who have lied against Him and who have been deceiving themselves and others for 3000 years. Those who are capable to falsely testify against God will have no problem to falsely testify about a fellow human, or lie to themselves in how great and blessed they consider themselves. 

We all need to face the same Standards given by God if there is going to be a restoration of truth and justice on the earth (see the "Restore!" at the end of Isaiah 42).  Carefully consider the good humanity is capable of - stop believing you are fallen and incapable to keep the Covenant of God!   There was no "Fall" of mankind in Eden as told by Christianity!  Evil multiplies because humanity has not been told the truth, and those charged to be Elohim's witnesses to the earth of His goodness and the goodness of His Covenant Law have greatly perverted it through their "Oral Torahs".

This young woman was born in North Korea and tells a  valuable story, as she should also inspire all of us to see how far the human spirit can ascend and soar through being freed from the evils of Communism and allowed to think and grow - proof that humans are not fallen creatures who are incapable to do good.  (Incedentally, Communism was invented by an atheist Jew, who evidently came to disbelieve God due to their inhumanity and nonsensical beliefs, as one should easily discern that Communism is  the opposite of the Teachings of God - hear what she has to say - it's inspiring.)  North Korean Defector Exposes Kim Jong Un & China - YouTube


Many reasonable and honorable people have looked at "Christians" as deluded because  they believe what Christians are claiming mades no sense to them, for good reasons.  I'm not saying all have these views, but some do.  Perhaps the first is whether it makes sense that a Just God would forgive those who are His enemies because of the blood of His only Son being shed on the cross as a sin sacrifice.  First, no where in Hebrew Scripture is this foretold.  Second, it defies common sense.  What human would sacrifice their only son to forgive someone who had wronged them?  Why should we believe such a thing?!  The satanic ploy in the days of old was to offer the fruit of their body (children) for the sin of their soul (Offering their children to Baal or Molach).  Since Elohim spoke of this as a great evil (abomination), and something that had not entered His mind - is there any way such a belief is from Elohim?!  In fact, anyone can observe the simple truth that forgiveness does not require the shedding of blood, as Hebrews falsely tells us.  What did God say?  Look at what He told Cain.  Look at what He said in the Covenant - before sacrifices were given as a system - and look at Isaiah 1 and Ezekiel 18.  No where is blood sacrifice told to be the means by which anyone is forgiven.  Elohim also says the wicked are capable to repent and live!  He also said if a righteous man turns to do evil, that his good will not be accounted to him.  To be forgiven a person must turn from evil to do good - to learn and do what is good - and God made the claims that He alone is our God, Savior, Teacher and Redeemer.  See Isaiah 43 through 47 if you think I'm making this up.  So if God is our Teacher, Savior, Redeemer and God: who told us Jesus is?  See Isaiah 56 and 57, that those of all the nations that hold fast to Elohim as God, hold fast to His Sabbath, and His Covenant will be preserved - chosen for the time to come.  Jesus made no claim in Matthew of salvation being attained apart from the Covenant, aside from claiming to be teaching the truth, which is now substantiated by the most ancient evidence to date for the Torah: "The Valediction of Moses", a proto biblical book that shows Deuteronomy was about 5 pages long, but was altered to become 34 chapters of Judaic Law.  And if Matthew did not claim it, and it is the record of his chosen disciples, as evidence can be proven to show: Why have men and councils added to what Jesus taught, to then try to show Jesus claimed something that Matthew proves to be a lie against God and Jesus?  I honestly believe we have inherited faked scripture - and this is but one proof of it!  This also proves what we now call "Christianity" is little more than old pagan beliefs dressed up in a fake robe of imagined sanctitude and believing lies against Elohim and Joshua (Jesus).  That Christians believe in having good will towards others is not the issue, as Jesus and the Law agree - how we relate to others is directly related to our actual relationship to the Father in Heaven.  The problem is that Christians are not taught to abide in the provable truth of God, as every writing of Paul, Hebrews, and the other three gospels teach against the Testimony of Elohim and Jesus - to greater or lessor extent.  Must we refuse to believe God to believe lies, that we might be blessed by Elohim?  That is in effect what "Christianity" has been teaching to the earth.  Who will dare to say "Restore!!!" as told in Isaiah 42, speaking of someone who taught that it is honorable for every man, of every nation, to keep the Covenant of Elohim!!!  Ask your preacher or Pope to explain that one away!!!  Please, do tell me if anyone can prove it by the provable word of God! or in the Hebrew Matthew!  While you are at it, ask them who Isaiah 42 is speaking of making the Torah honorable for all to observe and do?


Consider what is reasonable!  God did create mankind in His image - if we have not become so twisted as to seek lies to believe, rather than the pure justice and reasonable ways God gave to live by.  Anyone should be able to look around and see that humans are not like other animals, they should also realize humans are very capable - if they have been taught correctly about something.  Our problem is we have not been propertly taught the Instructions of God about doing good or evil, or how to be able to better discern the character of both ourselves and others.  Man was created in the image of God and is capable of much good (as the video of the young woman from North Korea shows us).  Man was not created in the image of the Serpent, whose purpose became to lie, steal, kill and destroy humanity from the earth.  Although taken out of our "Bible", it is easy to get a translation of Enoch, and pay particular attention to those who rebelled against doing as Elohim told them to do. 

Can you imagine, or by your own direct experience know:  If someone wrongs us, do we not feel an innate need to be made whole?  If someone lies about us, says we did some evil that we had not done, would we not want a public apology from that person to set the record straight?  If someone were to hack into someones account and take their money - should the thief be forgiven the crime just because they say they are sorry, but make no effort to restore what they stole?  Should the thief be justified by just  saying 'I'm sorry', and then turn around and steal from you every day, and as you suffer for their thefts, you have to just say: 'That's OK, because you said you are sorry, I forgive you!  I have to forgive you because God said so, and because I've also been bad in some minute way, we're both guilty - and God paid for the crimes of us both by killing His only Son, that He might then forgive us who believe in Him!  His blood saves us from our sins!!!  Praise God!!!!    ""    If you believe that, I challange you to find anywhere in the Hebrew Scripture that proves this is true to the ways taught by Elohim.  And for Jews, I challange you to find where God said you are  better than those of other nations - solely based on your genealogy being rooted to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  The parameters given by God is to not pit His word against Himself or the Covenant, including the blessings and the curses. 

"Our" problem - Jews and Christians - is in beliefs that defy the Covenant Standards God gave to all mankind at Sinai.  Jews have altered the Covenant, and Christians have believed lies against the Covenant of God that were never taught by Joshua (Jesus), but come from books put into their "Scripture" that have promoted lies against God for over 1900 years! (Paul and the anonomus authors of the rest of the "New Testament.")  To tell the truth, if God is true and cannot lie: How can both of these be true: God told Noah he could eat of all flesh. Is this not told to us, just as the account of "improving himself" was told to Cain?  Why would God condemn as an abomination that which He said was now permitted to mankind?  I highly suspect the Jewish "kosher" laws to be an invention of the Jews so their students of the Talmud will have an easy job to just certify things as Kosher - and where did God speak about cleaning products, vegitable foods, or salt to be "kosher" or "non-kosher"???  Why would God declare something an abomination, when we see in the same 'Torah' that it was given to mankind as food???  Is this what Jesus was saying when declaring it is not what goes into the mouth of a man that defiles him, but that which proceeds out from his mouth (what he says and does proceeds from within him).  Just a thought to consider: how can the "rabbi" know what Moses said, when they have not been able to preserve what all the prohibited foods were??  Their own study editions note some of these prohibitions have been lost from their knowledge???  That one, dear Jewish brethren, you should carefully consider.


A converted Orthodox Jew, Brother Nathaniel, has a channel called "Real Jew News" that is filled with insights about Judaism and it's evils and tendency to lies and taking advantage of others.  Although we don't see all things "eye to eye", he is vocal and outspoken to declare truth as he sees it.   Regarding Orthodox Jewry in our modern world, and its obviously hidden influence - it is plainly visible if we just  open our eyes to see it, his video posts are both timely and timeless.  See this one about Jewish inflence in the current Administration of Joe Biden:



A story retold from "One Disciple to Another - the Original Jesus" is the  of what a Rabbi said about what Christians believe:   "God created a city for mankind to live in.  It had homes, buildings for businesses, places to grow crops, get gas, and all the roads, sidewalks and such that they would need to travel to and fro.  He left nothing out that was needful for His creatures enjoyment of their lives.  He also gave some simple rules about traveling safely so they wouldn't injure themselves or others - signs, lights, speed limits, cross walks, everything was taken care of so all they had to do was follow those simple rules of the road and be happy!  After a while the people got careless and started injuring others because they were ignoring those simple instructions.  He sent people to remind them to keep the rules is for their own good, but each time they shortly thereafter reverted to ignoring the rules.  Things got worse and worse, so He sent His son to retell the rules that safety, peace and happiness might prevail in His city!  People were starting to go back to honor the Rules of God, but then the Son was killed in a tragic traffic accident!  The people mourned for a while, and then someone said the Will of the Son had a provision in it to pay for the fines of all the people - so they returned to ignoring the rules because they believed the Will of the Son paid all the penalties for the wrongs they were doing in injuring others!  And so things have only grown worse to what they are today."


What were the words of God to Cain, before he killed his brother Able?  ETZ HAYIM, Genesis 4: 6-7: "Why are you distressed, and why is your face fallen?  Surely, if you do right, there is uplift (forgiveness - elevation in our relationship with God and our fellow).  But if you do not do right, sin couches at the door: it's urge is toward you, yet you can be its master."  Translation from The Stone Edition of the Tanach says: "Why are you annoyed, and why has your countenance fallen? Surely, if you improve yourself, you will be forgiven.  But if you do not improve yourself, sin rests at the door.  Its desire is toward you, yet you can conquer it."  Both are translations of the same Hebrew passage - consider both translations carefully.  The Stone Edition seems very clear to me.  The belief that since the "fall" of mankind in the Garden, that man has been incapable to be right in the eyes of God is a total fabrication by Christianity.  How can that belief be true, or true to God, if it defies what God told Cain - after the "fall"?  The simple truth that we are to "improve ourselves" to elevate ourselves in our relationship to Elohim (of which how we treat our fellow shows where our relationship with God really is)  as our responsibility and that we are capable to do so, is clearly told by Elohim in Genesis, but many translations obscure the account.  This principle is totally consistant to the Covenant and all the teachings of Jesus in the Hebrew Matthew account.  The Instructions of God are easy to recognise, and can be retold in English so we understand what God said - there is no "magic" in Hebrew, and Elohim wants all mankind to know the truth He spoke for our benefit.  

Because Cain did not rule over his emotions (himself) and he then killed his brother Able.  The first murder was over two men who were making their offerings to Elohim, and evidently one offending the other, and the other feeling so wronged that he killed his brother - because he did not do well by first improving himself - which was his Elohim given instruction.  Is it really any different today?  Yet those instructions of God are in complete accord with both the Sinai Covenant and all the teachings given by the prophets and Jesus.



It is for these people that "Christianity" and "Orthodox Judaism" make no sense that I'm also mindful of, because the truth is that the real truth of Elohim and Jesus should make the most sense, as their teachings are about how to live a life that is just, reasonable and good towards the rest of mankind, as you will also be enabled to have the wisdom given thousands of years ago that was "lost" by mankind because those charged to have been keepers of the truth have been active to defeat and obscure it from everyone else - and have transformed themselves into some of the most evil on earth because of their denial and opposition to the Covenant made through their forefathers at Mount Sinai.  Due to their (leadership who requires Jews to submit to their ("oral torah "wisdom" of their "sages of the ages") deceptions and delusions, I have little doubt that their just due is soon coming, exactly as foretold by God in the Covenant and through the prophets (see the "song of Moses" and the prophecy at the end of Genesis regarding the status of each tribe at the end), and finally through Jesus (Joshua), for which he was killed for daring to say they were in great error and soon to be destroyed as a nation in Israel (70 - 110 AD).  (see "Trial of the Ages" link for proof.)  See "You Gentiles" by Maruice Samuels, one of the most decorated authors in the 20th Century Judaism.  Linger over page 155 and ask yourself how such things could be said by any honorable man of any nation???!!!  There is no shadow of doubt of the depths of evil that is fostered by Zionist Orthodox Judaism - whose god must be Satan, and some in the know of Judaism have directly said this is so.  Judaism has been in rebellion against Elohim for 3000 years, and even more so since they had Jesus killed, and even more so from when Secret Societies were formed to take over the earth - starting with France and Russia - and most recently the "pump and dump" strategy coming home to the USA today - and the fact that we now are under a secret constitution and control of the Jewish Federal Reserve Bank and World Bank system.  They pretend to own your soul and sell it on the open market to make you a slave to their money system and likely soon to demand all obey the "Seven Noahide Laws" that were signed into Law when "National Education Day" was signed by the President in the presense of a group of Orthodox Rabbi.  We've been sold out - but as Elohim said - Corrupted Isreal will pay the price for defying Elohim and their fellow - just as Jesus (Joshua 2) had warned in his day, and their sins are certainly multiplied since then.  Open your eyes - start using your God given mind!!!!!



This site is about the Joshua (Jesus) that was lost to the Roman Empire, but whose original teachings prove the context of all of them was to faithfully keep the Everlasting Covenant of God and to remain true to the One True God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob - and he was renewing that the Covenant was given at Sinai for all men who desire to serve God.  Joshua/Jesus taught we must improve our own lives, that we are capable to do the will of God, and no one is saved merely by faith or grace, but that each will be judged based upon their works: "by your words you will be judged, and by your deeds you will be convicted." (Matthew 12:37)  There are several major errors (lies) in most Christian Doctrines.  1. There was no "Fall of mankind", and unless we are overcome with our sins, we can repent of evil and learn to do good; we can, and must improve ourselves - God said so!  2.  God does not require blood to atone for sins or to forgive us (excepting capital crimes, such as murder [and relating to the FED and World Bank, lending money at interest - any interest, or not forgiving debts on the 7 or 50 year cycle was  placed in the same category as murder, but who else but Michael Hoffman been speaking of this?  Not Jonathan Kahn.  Given the 7's involved, I suspect these to relate to the "Sabbaths" of Elohim and what He decreed.]  How much evil has been done on the earth for love of money?).  Read Isaiah 1.  No where is a blood sacrfice required by God, nor were sacrifices to do with forgiveness in the Covenant Ten Decrees, the blessings and the curses.  3.  In the Genesis account, the seed of the Serpent and the seed of the woman are both plural - not singular.  It isn't about "Since we are abjectly fallen and incapable, Jesus defeated Satan for us if we just believe", it is about how we live our lives: do we serve God by keeping the Covenant conditions, or not?!  Jesus did not teach about canabalism of eating his body and drinking his blood!!  Where did Jesus or God talk about the power of "Holy Water", or Magic Crackers and Magic Wine.  Jesus did teach that love is a verb, and love does certain things, and love does not do other certain things.  Nothing Jesus taught will require anyone to pour out their brains to pretend God is not reasonable, just, true, and good in all His ways.  It is because of the justice and reasonable Teachings of God that we had best pay attention to what He did say is needful, as we stop listening to anyone who tells us otherwise!


The simple and reasonable truth is that we have been wronged, we have a right to justice.  Whoever wronged us should make the wrong right again.  If they have defamed our name by lieing about us, they should publicly set the matter straight and apologize.  If they have stolen from us, they should restore what that stole or defrauded us of.  The same matter applies to justice as told by Elohim.  He also gave instructions by which He said if a person does to make things right - that His Standard prevails, and it would be unjust to require more or less, excepting as He gave instructions that permit it to be so.  For example, if we are to be restored, the person should repay the amount plus 20%, or one-fifth.  If someone defrauds on a mass scale and for those who cannot be restored, then the wronging party is to restore by giving four times the amount to the fund for the poor - so there is much motivation to restore to each party as possible, rather than deferring to the four-fold restoration.  (Particularly note Leviticus, when God said: "And so he shall be forgiven")  Those are the Standards given, and our society has certainly ignored justice as it was defined by Elohim.  If we were taught the real standards He gave in the Covenant, it would be very easy to identify who is following the Instructions of Elohim, from those who are not.  Therefore, repentance, to be true to God, must be turning to perform the Covenant in truth and deed.  Nothing in those Standards is too hard to do, nor are they too hard to understand - but we must be willing to submit to what He declared just, right, and merciful.  He never said those who defy His instructions are blessed by Him.  If we claim to serve Him, we cannot claim we do and then defy His Standards of Mercy, Justice and Truth, and the Teachings of Jesus in Matthew are all about living rightly with God and our fellow man.  In fact, our real relationship with Elohim is known by how we are living towards our fellow man - not just Elohim! 



The Hebrew Matthew, in Chapter 24 the final prophesy is spoken by Jesus  regarding the end was about the testimony of him being given again, 'this gospel' - and then the end would come.  Due to the other signs he spoke of, and the discovery that we have all inherited altered and faked scripture - and observing the lies and evils being forced upon mankind, I hope you will heed his final warning, as you also heed what he did teach - which is not what we've been taught, and certainly not what I was taught to believe in the Church of Christ or searched for while examining all the major Christain churches.  In years of search I never found a church whose doctrine was simply to serve God, keep His Covenant, and learn what Jesus taught about doing the will of God in word and deed.

Following is quoted from the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew, as translated by George Howard:

Chapter 24


1.      It came to pass when Jesus went out from the temple, as he was going, his disciples drew near to show him the buildings of the temple.


2.      He said: You see all these: truly I say to you that all will be destroyed and there will not be left there one stone upon another.


3.      As he sat on the Mount of olives opposite the temple, Peter, John and Andrew asked him secretly: When will all these things be [destruction of the Temple], and what will be the sign when all these matters will take place [to know the signs of when the Temple is about to be destroyed], or  when will they begin [signs to look for to know the "time" of the destruction of the Temple] and when will be the end of the world and your coming? [This chapter is very important to understand, as most take Luke 21 and Matthew 24 and whip them up into doctrines that are often not in accord with reason, the words of the true Prophets, or the prophesies and teachings of Joshua (Jesus).  Note that he was asked two questions: about the signs of the destruction of the Temple, AND, the signs of the end.]


4.      Jesus answered them: beware lest anyone should lead you astray, [Pay attention to what he is telling them, as well as  unfulfilled prophecy that he said in another place had to be fulfilled before the end.  Look at Joel 2 and 3 - 'after those days' there would be another dispersion of Israel - which took place after the Temple was destroyed.  Also note the prophecy in Jeremiah 16 about people having inherited lies - all the Hebrew Scripture accounts, and all the Christian Scripture accounts - BOTH have been altered!!!  Who has dared to tell this to you?!  Not your preachers or the Pope, or the Pharisees of Orthodox Judaism?  Let God be true - so we are the ones who need to repent to observe and do His will as taught by the greatest Prophet in the history of Israel!]


5.      because many will come in my name saying I am messiah, and they will lead you astray.


6.      As for you, when you hear of wars and a company of hosts, beware lest you become foolish, because all of this will occur, but the end will not be yet.


7.      Nation will rise up against nation and kingdom against kingdom, there will be great tumults, grievous famine, and earthquake in various places.


8.      All of these are the beginning of suffering.


9.      Then they will bind you over for tribulation and will kill you, and you will become a reproach to all the nations for my name.


10.  Then many will be perturbed, deal treacherously with each other, and be enraged among themselves.  [How can we ignore the evils and divisions between all mankind that are fostered today by hidden hands in news propoganda, via corrupted politicians and Corporate leaders in support of world leadership?  (Whoever controls the money, controls the government - who "owns" the World Bank and Federal Reserve?  Who is best represented in the Supreme Court today?  )  Division of the human race has never been worse, nor evils gone unprosecuted for those who are in leadership for corruption (such as the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation and the Haiti issues, drug running with the CIA since Arkansas, or ties to Epstien), or even the Bush family evils, but an Evangelical preacher declared he was a "Christian" so he would get the Evangelical vote to win the election and foster his fathers vision of "A New World Order".]


11.  False prophets will arise and lead many astray.  (Pay attention.  God (Elohim) gave the means by which anyone can determine who is speaking truth versus lies in Deuteronomy 4, 12, 13 and 18.  Had our "fathers" of faith used the Instructions of God, there is no way Paul or Hebrews would be in our "Bible", nor would most of the New Testament, aside from the restored Matthew, as Jesus was, according to all I've been able to find: "that prophet" spoken of by Moses.  The same mindset of those who had Jesus killed has only grown worse through time, and they have no good will towards Christians.  See the link on "Trial of the Ages" - the false charges, the fake trial, and the injustice done towards him for daring to tell the real Truth as anointed by Elohim from his baptism.  He exposed the corruption of "pharisees" and scribes of "orthodox" Judaism.  Study also exposed the corruption that also exposes "orthodox" christianity to be based on lies against God and all the prophets via faked scripture and killing those who stood up for the truth of God and trying to translated texts into the language the masses would be able to learn and understand.  Judaism killed some prophets, and they killed Jesus.  They wanted to kill Jeremiah, but as God said, that was not to be in his day.  Don't stop reading the OT at Isaiah, as prophets came after Isaiah, and Israel never repented with a whole heart to serve God and hold fast to His Covenant.   

All the teachings of Jesus center on the need to repent to serve God, live justly with your fellow man, keep the Covenant as given, and certainly "do no evil".  If we do evil, our good will not be accounted to us (see the Covenant and Ezekiel 18.  Don't refuse to hear God.) 


12.  When wickedness multiplies, the love of many will grow faint.  [Love is a verb, not just a feeling.  Love for Elohim, and love for our fellow human if they will accept our peace towards them: love is defined in The Blessings.]


13.  Whoever waits [endures] until the end will be saved.  [Note  the passage sited about God saving some as a man would his own son that serves him.  Those so blessed are those who returned to God, that they also identify and know who serves God, from those that don't.  The teachings of Elohim are all knowable - His knowledge He gave to guide us to "choose life that ye might live!"  If we reject the knowledge He gave us, this is why He will reject us.]  


14.  And this gospel will be preached in all the earth for a witness concerning me to all the nations and then the end will come. [This internet page is going out to the whole earth.  China took over my web domain in China - in spite of my protest - but I'm not aware if they have done anything with it, but to perhaps ban it?  The fact is the truths expressed herein have gone out to the world.  The fact is that a web crawler called "MJ-12" has been web crawling my site for over a decade.]


15.  This is the Anti-Christ and this is the abomination which desolates which was spoken of by Daniel as standing in the holy place.  The the one who reads understand. [per AENT: Daniel 9:27; 11:31; 12:11]


16.  Then those who are in Juda, let them flee to the mountains.


17.  He who is upon the house, let him not come down to take anything out of his house.


18.  He who is in the field, let him not turn back to take his garment.


19.  Woe to those who are pregnant and to those who nurse children in those days.


20.  Pray to God that your flight will not be on the Sabbath day.


21.  Because then there will be great distress which has not been from the creation of the world unto now and as will not be. [Joel 2:2; Daniel 12:1]


22.  Except those days were few, no flesh would be saved; for for the sake of the chosen those days will be few.


23.  At that time, if one should say to you: Behold the Messiah is here or there do not believe it.


24.  Because false messiahs and false prophets will arise and they will give signs and great wonders so that if it can be they will come to lead the chosen astray.  (Look to your church doctrines and Creeds and note if any references are to the writings of Paul.  If they believe Paul, there is no light in them - those who believe and obey Paul will find no reward from God for dishonoring His Teachings in Righteousness (the unaltered Covenant given at Mount Sinai, with the "blessings" and the "curses".) (see: )


25.  [verses 25 and 26 are reversed in the HGOM – another direct alteration of our texts]  Then if they should say to you: Behold he is in the wilderness, do not go out, and: Behold he is in the chambers, do not believe it. {note the testimony about Paul’s meeting Jesus on the Damascus Road in Acts (wilderness) – the accounts vary widely (against themselves),  and where was he when receiving his visions that the gospel is a mystery of faith alone?  Also note a cave is like a chamber – where did the founder of Islam receive his revelation? In a cave?]


26.  Behold I tell you before it happens.  (and so did all the true prophets of Elohim/YHWH, but Judaism and Christians have some bad translations and have corrupted their accounts and what they believe.  As for Christians, most have open books on what they believe, even though in great division.  Judaism, in it's deepest levels of "orthodoxy," keep many things hidden from those who have not studied their "oral torah" teachings.  See:  Judaism Revealed; The Talmud Tested; and The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews (3 volumes). Judaism has long been (since 100 AD) a system of controlled oppossition - rich and Talmud learned - verus the ignorant masses who only know, as in "The Fiddler On The Roof" - "TRADITION'!!! ))


27.  Again Jesus said to his disciples: As the lightning (DAYLIGHT?) comes from the east and is seen in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.


28.  Wherever the body is, there will be gathered the vultures. [not eagles] [Hosea 8; Jeremiah 4: 7-13; Ezekiel 1:10; 10:14.]


29.  At that time, after the tribulation of those days, the sun will grow dark, the moon will not give forth its light, the stars will fall from heaven, and the host of heaven will be shaken. [Isaiah 34:4; Haggi 2:6, 21]


30.  Then will appear the sign of the Son of Man in heaven and all the families of the earth will weep and [mourn? Zechariah 12: 10, 14] will see the Son of Man on the clouds of heaven  [ Daniel 7: 13,14] with a great host and with dreadful appearance [AENT great power and glory; Danial 7: 13,14] .


31.  He will send his angels with a trumpet and with a great shout to gather his chosen from the four winds of heaven, from one end of heaven unto the other. [Isaiah 7:13?] [Deuteronomy 30:4; Jeremiah 31:7 - 12; Zechariah 2:6; 10: 7 - 12]


32.  From the fig tree learn the parable; when you see its branches and leaves sprouting know that he is near [AENT notes the parable of the fig tree has to do with the false judges of Israel, and as we should easily see, they falsely convicted Jesus to death for daring to tell the truth of God, some in Orthodox Judaism hate him even more today, and falsely ascribe the lies of Paul to Jesus.   It is not possible that the "oral torah" is superior in wisdom and knowledge of God than Jesus was.  Read Matthew in context - the Covenant and the Prophets warnings - Matthew makes more sense of God and the Prophets in 28 chapters than all the writings of the "Sages of the Ages", such as Hillel and those who followed after him.  They would have been better off to first understand what Jesus taught - to compare his teachings to the Covenant and Testimony of God, as if they did, the real truth is that Jesus is who he claimed to be, and Elohim was working wonders through him as a testimony to the Jews, as the works done by God through Jesus were even greater than those done by Moses, or any other prophet in the history of Israel.  "know that the end is near" certainly had to do with the destrouction of Jerusalem and the Temple and the next diaspora mentioned in Joel 3 as "after those days", when Peter preached at Pentecost in Jerusalem.]


33.  to the gates.


34.  Truly I say to you: this generation will not pass away until all these things shall be done. [The destruction of the Temple and the re rescattering of Israel out of the Land to the nations of the earth.]


35.  Heaven and earth will pass away,  [Another important distinction here is the absense of the "but my word shall not pass away" as found in other gospel account.  As we have seen in the "V" document, the Covenant Standards as given by Elohim were most certainly lost from about the time of Ezekiel, and were recently retold as they were from the days of Ezekiel.  This also gives much evidence that Ezekiel was also altered to put the Temple prophecy at the end, when it was given near the beginning - if one just dares to put the contents of the prophet chronologically!  If the teachings of Jesus were so sure as to be preserved to us because by no means could they be altered or pass away - the common viewpoint is shown to be extremely lacking in reality.  If, however, the phrase simply meens that what was taught is forever secure in heaven, as  it was based totally on what God really said, and the Jews of his day were altering things to pretend they were equal or superior to what Elohim had already told mankind via Moses and other true prophets - the matter is that the Truth of Elohim is not subject to change - by no means, or by no pretended authority, could the Standards given by Elohim be altered.  An example is that when the Serpent caused man (Adam and Eve) to doubt what Elohim had told them - they paid the consequence of disbelieving God, and the one who had deceived mankind was cursed by God.  Thus it has been so from the beginning, and Elohim told us so via the story of Adam and Eve.  How can those who seek Elohim by what He said are His pathway, then turn to defy what He gave as the Standards we are to live by, that we accept His Teachings, goodness, righteousness, and true justice?  How can anyone think Elohim to hate or love anyone is solely based on race, when He created all mankind in His image?  THERE IS ONLY ONE RACE - THE HUMAN RACE.  The trouble has been we have been following men, rather than God, and pretending the old lies are true.  Return to Elohim and He will return to you.  Love God, love others as yourself.  Love is a verb.  Thankfully Elohim does search the hearts of men.  Thankfully He tells of His mercy and calls us to like standards.  Sin is sin, regardless of if we did not know.  In Leviticus 15 He tells that when the sin is realized, that we are called to do as He had instructed beforehand.  In some things this does require restitution as possible, and most certainly abandoning lies or evils ad then doing what He said is good, and that we do NO EVIL (see the curses).]


36.  but of that day or that time there is none who knows, not even the angels of heaven, but the Father only.


37.  Again Jesus said to his disciples: As in the days of Noah so will it be in the days of the Son of Man..


Previous video link deleted by youtube - sorry, but there are those who don't want us to know  our past or truth.



(video of speach from President Kennedy about the need for transparancy, not secret societies.  This relates to this site because of the overwhelming evidence of religious leaders and publishers pawning off altered words of God and Jesus as though they were truth - just because they published them in The Book - the Bible.  Said "book" has significantly altered the words of God and inserted books that can easily be proven to be lies against God, if we dare to first understand the first teaching of Jesus; "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Elohim.)  See "Let's Get Biblical", two volumes, by Rabbi Tovia Singer.  Check out some of his videos on YouTube.  Type his name and "Paul was a biblical ignoramus" - see the resultes - listen and consider if he is telling the truth on Paul - or not.   See:


Beware Anthony Fauci and anyone affiliated with him!  Robert Kennedy interview and new book.

updated 11/03/2021.


(Some links provided on site will not go through the website builder I have.  If a link doesn't work, try copying it and then pasting it into your browser.) (My apology for putting this in here, but as humans in 2021, these are things we need to know because our Governments and even Sheriffs have failed their duty to protect us from murderers.)

Most Christians are told their account of the Bible is the inerrant word of God - which is an easily proven lie.  My intent herein is to prove  what we received from our "fathers" of faith has been greatly altered along the anals of time.  Even though one parse their belief by saying the Scripture, as received, was inerrent - this only shows the lack of fortitude and faith required to then investigate the transmission of the record of Scripture through 3333 years for Judaism, and 1990 years (approximately) for Christianity.  The fact that those who say they believe in the same God as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob do not keep all the minimum Standards and Teachings given by Elohim and is proof what we have been told to believe has led to much division and confusion - because all of us have been failing to know Elohim or Joshua (Jesus) by what the oldest evidence provides.  Judaism and Christianity - both have altered the spoken words of Elohim!!!!!  If we are to "Live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" - we have many alterations and direct lies to repent of believing if we seek Elohim with all our heart, soul, strength and mind.

The most enlightening reviews have been from:

Rabbi Tovia Singer - about what Jews say they believe, and proof Christians altered the Hebrew Scripture. (Let's Get Biblical - two volume set, plus listening to his YouTube channel regularly;

Michael Hoffman - about what Jews believe, but they won't tell you; (Judaism Discovered; Judaism's Strange Gods, and others.  See his website and consider reading some exceptionally researched books and videos. )

N.O.I., "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews" - 3 volumes of history and research.

 Soncino Press - multiple volume "Study Edition" (Layman level) record of the Hebrew Scripture (better info than JPS);

The Valediction of Moses ("V") proto-biblical Deuteronomy from the time of Ezekiel;

Dead Sea Scrolls Bible;

Mishnah Berurah volume 3(b) [ Over 500 pages of Orthodox Jewish teachings about the Sabbath];

Through the Bible, by J. Vernon McGee;

50 years of indoctrination from the Church of Christ and their scholarship - which seems to be extremely lacking to provide useful guidance about knowing the will of Elohim or Joshua (Jesus), or any discernable and reasonable way to tell truth from lies.  It took me years to free myself from their tangled methods of "interpretation" of "Scripture".  Rather than muse through Paul's instruction to "Rightly divide the word of truth", we need to rightly uphold the truth of God - not divide it as Paul did. 



The information shared here is not going to be according to any particular Christian Church, as none found to date simply seek to do the will of God as taught by Jesus (Joshua), but is what I've discovered the "good news" is, through  decades of deep investigation into what we believe, and why, and whether what we believe is based on the best available ancient sources evidence, or not.  The simply stated fact, as discovered, is we have inherited altered Scripture and faked scripture. Our "fathers" of faith have piled over a thousand years of lies and bad ideas to the Teachings of Elohim and Jesus - doctrines of men upon the "Rock" of the Teachings and Covenant as it was originally given by God, and as retaught by Jesus.  All the blessings taught by Jesus in the beattitudes are towards those who are faithful to the Covenant and Elohim, who gave it.  Look up the passages noted herein and take them in context - not taking them totally out of context! If we are to serve God as Jesus did, we must dig down through the lies (dirt) to build our lives (house) upon the "Rock" (conclusion of the Sermon on the Mount.)


Most Christians are of good will towards their fellow man because they believe Jesus' teachings and life are worthy of respect and consideration. However, if one carefully studies the teachings of Jesus, we must realize that the Covenant must be kept by all, and as Isaiah 56 and 57 points out, those of God will keep the Covenant and Sabbath as given by God in the Covenant - not the system of minutia as Orthodox Judaism demands, but to remain faithful to keep all the Covenant, which includes the Sabbath.  The Sabbath was kept in the home, and the only reason Christians have not been keeping it is because those Rome put in the Bible defamed it, and the Pope decreed it.  Rome sees Christians as under their control because they do not keep the Sabbath - and "Sunday" as the Sabbath is based solely upon Papal Decree.  (Believe it or not - this is the truth.) Elohim is the one who said those who are "My people" will only serve Him as god, will keep His Sabbath, and will keep all ten of the Covenant Standards (Isaiah 56, 57) (also observing the blessings and the curses for accompanying instruction to know good from evil).  That is His Decree, and it remained true in all the Hebrew Scripture, "V", and the unaltered Hebrew Matthew - Jesus' disciples record of the Testimony of Jesus up to the time he ascended to the Throne on the Right Hand of the Power on High, exactly as prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Christian "Scripture" has evolved over 2000 years, but the original text used by the first followers of Jesus was altered, and then many other books were added as they were accepted by varient groups of those who believed differently than what Jesus had taught his disciples.   

There are differences between the testimony contained in Christian Scripture versus Hebrew Scriptures as translated into English, starting about 1905, and later editions from the Jewish Publication Society, Artscroll, and Soncino press.  Study has also focused on the conflicting testimony we have in our New Testament and the conflicting view of Rabbi of record viewpoints presented in the Soncino editions of the Hebrew Scripture.  (One example is that Matthew has Jesus saying to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, but Paul said the Law was a placeholder until Jesus came and did away with the Law.)  There are glaring inconsistancies in the Christian New Testament, and had our "fathers of faith" simply believed and used the Instructions of God about who He said to hear, and who He said to ignore, we would not have so much confusion about what we believe is the gospel taught by Jesus.  After weeding through it all, I believe the only sound conclusion is to realize Matthew is the only account written by the chosen disciples of Jesus, and the rest of the New Testament testifies against God and Jesus to greater or lessor extent.  You are also invited to check out what others say.  Craig Winn is also seeking to find the truth, and I would recommend you check out "" if you cannot get a copy of "Jesus' Words Only" to review in careful detail.  The problem we have is more than Paul, as the other three gospels testify against Matthew.  For examples:  Why does Mark have a different conclusion than Matthew?  Why does Luke testify against Matthew's record?  Are we to love Jesus more than our parents and family, or are we required to hate our family?  Are we to not badger God in prayer with our requests, but to realize He already knows our needs and that our prayers not be wordy - or are we to badger God with our requests so He will give us what we want so we will quit pestering Him?  And the matters are far deeper, but you can study it out yourself if you so desire.  I highly recommend that everyone who is able to study: start with Matthew and grasp the testimony therein before launching out to study the remaining New Testament.  How can the disciples of Jesus record that he was begotten of God at his baptism, as the Psalm says, and that he was not the literal only begotten of the Father as the gospel of John says?  "Son of man", as Matthew notes, means he was a mortal, a descendant of Adam - not the literal "Son of God", a demigod, as Pagan religions taught in their mythology that incorporated their stories based from the Zodiac. (see the quote from Paul of the poet from his own home town when preparing to teach about 'the unknown god.'   Luke doesn't even include the resurrection of Jesus in his gospel account, but places it in "the acts of the apostles", which is largely about Paul, not the disciples of Jesus.  (Craig Winn as guest on rense dot com - discussing Bible "inerrency" as a fraud)

The charge given by Joshua (Jesus) in Matthew was to make disciples of him that are taught what he taught his selected disciples of record.  See the link of "The Hebrew Gospel of Matthew", as it shows specific alterations exist in the Greek based accounts.  The Hebrew account was accepted before 40 CE - before Paul came into the picture.  The Hebrew Matthew was not rejected until about 800 CE.


Most have glossed over this, and Judaism has chided Christians about "613 Commandments" or the "Seven Noahite Laws", but both of these deny the fact that Elohim said the Covenant is the Ten Decrees.  Both the 613 commandments and the seven Noahite laws are from a Pharisee Rabbi in the 12th Century - not Elohim or any of the true prophets, or from Jesus (Joshua).  If we have paid attention to the teachings of Jesus, he said to beware the Pharisees - and both of those ideas are from the Pharisees, not Elohim or Jesus (Joshua).

Since this is about the "original Jesus" we should  know his name.  We need to realize there is no such thing as Judeo Christian values in the mind of Orthodox Judaism since 100 AD.  The fact is that many in Orthodox Judaism, particularly in Zionist Orthodox Judaism, that believe God will not forgive Isreal until they rid the world of Christianity!  If you don't believe me, see it for yourself!  Order the DVD movie "TALMUDIC PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS" from

Rabbi Tovia Singer has a video channel on YouTube, where he expounds on a passage in Isaiah to justify the Orthodox Jewish possition, but his interpretation defies logic because "the fish" spoken of was non-existant in the days of Isaiah, to then say it was a prophecy of those who would use the fish symbol at a futrue time (early Greek Christians - followers of Paul).  The fact is an ancient religion in the Middle East did use a fish as it's symbol, and that is what Isaiah was talking about - their not having completed what Elohim called them to do in taking the Land He had given them to take possesion of. 

(647) Isaiah predicts Christendom's utter destruction and Israel's forgiveness explains Rabbi Tovia Singer - YouTube

Yehoshua is "Jesus'" Hebrew name, and translated to English is Joshua; Yeshua/Aramaic to English; Iesous/Greek to English Jesus.  The meaning of "Yehoshua" is roughly translated "YHWH saves" or "Jehovah saves", or "the salvation of God." 

Elohim always taught sins are forgiven when we do no evil and are learning to do good (as He defined good or evil in the Covenant Standards).  There is remarkable consistancy in this Teaching of Elohim from the beginning, and throughout the Hebrew Scripture and the Teachings of Jesus.  This was first told to Cain before he killed Abel:  if he improved himself he would be forgiven/elevated, and that sin, if not repented of and overcome, would rule over him.  Elohim also told Cain that he was capable and responsible to do this himself - to overcome his own sins - not that since the "Fall" that mankind has been incapable to do good.  Christians have some very poor translations of the Hebrew Scriptures!  The purpose of our life is to show who we choose to become, to decide if we believe and serve God - or not.  This takes place as action from each individual.  Joshua taught that each person will give account to Elohim for what they said and did, and each nation will face the judgement of Elohim in their time, based upon their works...  See who He said is blessed.  Observe who He said is cursed.  See what it is to have execration cast from Elohim.  Stop listening to men, who  have lied to us. 

Listen to Elohim - and as Jesus (Joshua) taught likewise; "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that procedes from the mouth of Elohim."  We err to believe Paul, or the other Pharisees.   Elohim gave instruction on who He said to hear, and who He said to ignore.  These are found in Deuteronomy 4, 12, 13 and 18.  Basically, they must not teach any other God, and they must remain true to the Instructions of Elohim as given in the Ten Decrees ratified at Sinai - not adding to them, not taking away from them, but remaining faithful to Elohim and the Covenant as given, which requires we also know the "blessings" and the "curses" as a subset to ensure we propery understand and use His instructions and not be deceived to believe otherwise.

Both Saul/Paul and the Pharisees/Sages of blessed memory taught/teach against the Standards Elohim gave in the Covenant - and truthfully, in all the Holy Scriptures.  Trouble is both have taught men to defy Elohim and have cast aside His teachings and then say you don't know God or His will unless you believe what they say about Him.  If Elohim is true - His will can be known, and we can know if  He is faithful and/or good.  See what He said - look at the most ancient evidences. 

Read "The Valediction of Moses" and know that Judaism has been defying Elohim since the days of Ezekiel.  They evidently altered the Covenant words of God.  They also had Jesus (Joshua) killed for telling the truth of the Everlasting Covenant given for men of all nations that desire to serve the One True God - the Father in heaven - Elohim/YHWH.  Upon close study anyone should be able to realize that Joshua was teaching the proper interpretation and application of the Covenant, the blessings and the curses - as they were given by Elohim.   Jesus' teaching on the greatest commandment shows complete harmony to the Covenant as given to require that how we live towards others is a reflection of our true relationship towards Elohim, the Father in Heaven.  Fact can also be shown that all of the Beattitudes are for those who are faithful to Elohim and the Covenant.  See the link on the Hebrew Gospel of Matthew and observe the passages noted, as his statements are partial quotes of important Scriptures.  So how can we think otherwise?  Because so few have dared to observe the truth he spoke - most serve whatever Paul said, which has been the scourge of Christianity for almost 2000 years!

Matthew 11:28, HGOM; "28.  Come unto me all you who are weary and who are enduring labor, and I will help you bear your yoke. 29.  Take my yoke as your yoke and learn of me that I am humble and good and pure of heart and you shall find rest for your souls, 30.  because my yoke is soft and my burden is light. [Spread the message, teach and reprove; “yoke” is to work – not rest to believe he did all the work – it is to work beside him – to do as he instructed and exampled – to live as he did – to do the works of God prepared for His people from the beginning.  See the first Commandment – those He has kindness towards are those that love Elohim – those that love Him observe His words to do them.  Jesus was teaching the pathway of God as no other prophet in the history of Israel.


While the topic of Jesus and Elohim is of extreme importance, we also must face reality that we are being lied to and being led off the cliff by China, the WHO, the CDC, NIH, the two party system of controlled opposition and the injustice of the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and by now all those who are following their lies against humanity.  Wake up from stuper and slumber - the time has come to repent to obey Elohim and stand up for truth and justice in all spheres:


Most divisions in Christianity and Judaism rely heavily on what has been termed as "Knowledge Filters."  The filter is based on  the acceptable norm of any particular group.  For instance, it's rare to find a Church of Christ preacher, elder, or bible class teacher to read books authored by someone outside their specific fellowship, so what results is not mindful to explore facts or beliefs outside their accepted norms.  It is a means of stabilization, but when practiced in excess, it results in crystlization instead of growing forward in believing God and repenting to be what He created us to become. "Knowledge filters" result in complete denial of facts of evidence that would otherwise require an adjustment in faith, or belief, that would otherwise prove any particular belief held dear to be in error, or  gross error! The parable about the Talents of gold has to do with the economy of God and that our most precious possession He gave us are His words - His words of life - but men have certainly altered them.  However, if we "seek first the Kingdom of God" - by what He said to start with - the picture of truth emerges from the fog and filth of the dirt others have piled upon His word and will.  Elohim cursed the Serpent for deceiving Adam and Eve, and I honestly think He is no less just towards those who have altered and mis-spoken against Him and His Covenant.


Another example would be what we believe about the history of man upon the earth, or our understanding of how long it can be proven that man has existed on earth.  Evolution is a Theory from Darwin, and most scholarly studies have adopted this Theory to be "Fact" that cannot be openly challanged.  The best examples of this can be observed that both Michael Cremo (Forbiden Archeology), and Jonathan Gray (Dead Mens Secrets) both provide undeniable evidence of extreme antiquity of modern humans to have existed for millions of years on earth.  Michael Cremo proved his case by using information from published peer review articles wherein geology proved the age, or antiquity, of a site, but this evidence was rejected due to the current "theory" being the "sacred grail" of archeology - to the point of denial of  geological evidence - yet both are supposedly branches of "science."  Since we have two accounts of creation in the book of Genesis, and they do not agree totally in detail, don't pit one account against the other, and realize the truth has been told, as best as  has been given, but the main point is not to understand the scientific detalis, but to realize mankind was created in the image of God, and therefore should be reflecting to they were created to be like as they live their lives out upon the heavens and earth that He created for us to live upon.


The problem we face is that of mass mind control.  It has been said the greater the lie, the greater the chance you can get people to believe it.  The science of the mind and human capacity and manipulation has been at work about 200 years to study how to manipulate people - sociology and pshychology.  As an example, it is taught that many mental illnesses are caused by a brain chemical imbalance, even though there has been an abject void of study to prove this brain chemical balance exists, but they prescribe chemicals to "correct" the imbalance, which largely limit brain function, they don't correct some imaginary "imbalance" at all.  Sometimes I wonder how many of our leadership suffer from being prescribed some kind of "mental health" compound.  That would be a very interesting thing to know, as many of the chemicals dull what should be pains of consceince.  This acutally relates to both religious and social stupidity - the lack of perception to be able to tell the truth from lies, or the ability to recognize who your enemy is! 

This video relates to the current state of the world:






It's time to re-open our minds so we can again be able to tell who is our friend from who is our enemy.  So long as we are not willing to squarely face the best information from ancient Scriptural evidences , we are all bound to be locked within the twisted threads of false doctrine - yes, and not just false doctrine, we are bound to be required to disbelieve the direct evidence of the Teachings of God from the beginning, as well as the Teachings of Jesus as his original disciples recorded what he had taught them, an what his purpose and mission was, and finally, the prophecies he gave mankind.  The evidence of the unaltered teachings of Elohim (God) and Jesus (Joshua) prove most of the New Testament should not be "Scripture", and Christians have also altered the record of what the Hebrew Scripture said!


We have all be misled by altered Scripture for at least 1900 years for Christianity, and 3000 years for Judaism!  (not to speak of what Islam may find of their records as compared to the most ancient evidences)


What you are going to be exposed to here is perhaps the true retelling of the real and unaltered teachings of Jesus, as well as the true Covenant as given by Elohim at Mount Sinai.  Prepare to reconsider all you have been told to believe, see what God really said, and see what Jesus really taught.   We have absolutely been lied to about whether we are capable and responsible to God...




These are the three principles that I believe will support a sound conclusion: 

1.   The Teachings and Instructions of God are eternally true; God is faithful to His word.

2.   His Instructions are not too difficult to observe (know) for anyone whose desire is to know God and live justly and reasonably with God, themselves and fellow human beings.

3.   His Instructions, Teachings, and Judgments are not too hard to do:

Conclusion: Therefore, mankind is capable to serve God and keep His Teachings (Commandments/Instruction in righteousness). We've all been misled about what God said, and alterations to Scripture is easily proven so by observation of His Teachings. 


President John F. Kennedy was assasinated by those who were members of "secret societies" mentioned in his speach.  The principle of freedom we have enjoyed in the USA is that of freedom of thought and speach.  The Colinies were founded on the principle of being able to worship God according to our own conscience, and not be forced to believe what the Church/State decreed upon their subjects.  The entire "Church/State" premise resides in the teachings of Paul, in Romans 13, not on any decree of God or teaching of Jesus!  This is why the corrupt Church/State of Democratic Communists/Socialists demand everyone submit to their rulings - denying all humanity in the USA to even have the freedom of choice in medical matters, or matters of faith and belief.  We are rapidly becoming a totalitarian dictatorship of the New World Order - which is founded by those of Judaism who rejected God because they rejected true Judaism - which Elohim said is being faithful to Him and the Covenant.  Jesus, as all the other prophets of record, was calling them to repent to do the will of God as He had given it - but they corrupted His words about the time of Ezekiel - which is why I've put limited points given by Elohim in the Covenant in several links on my website - it is absolutely a critical matter that we use the knowledge gained from Elohim as our Standard for life, faith, justice, and growing in "The Holy Way" taught by Jesus in the Hebrew Matthew.  You have been led in lies against Elohim because "Christianity" is as corrupted today as Orthodox Judaism.  If we do not repent to serve Elohim in deed, in the way that shows our relationship with Him is directly reflected in our relationship with our fellow man - you simply have no understanding of God or Jesus, or any of the true prophets.  If you listen and heed Paul - you will be led in lies, not the truth of God.


Did Judaism create a false "Christianity" via their plant, the not-apostle, Paul, to turn the teachings of Jesus on their head to helenize Judaism and wrest partial truths and perversions of the words of God to become evil?   Did God say we are responsible and capable to improve ourselves?  Yes.  So when did He ever teach otherwise?  I honestly believe it is impossible that Paul was called of Elohim YHWH or Joshua - but that when he failed to lead oppossition to Christianity to kill them all, he turned to deceiving the rest of the world.  Although defeated in his own lifetime *2 Timothy 4:19*, Rome, who partnered with the Jewish leadership to have Jesus killed - then partnered to have the writings of Paul (10), and then further spurious writings of Paul, put into the "Christian" "New Testament."   This lie has persisted almost 2000 years.  Wake up and use your God given brain and allow God to reason with you by the ancient record of what He said - not what Judaism turned them into.   Jesus, in the Hebrew Matthew, appears to have told the truth on God - which is why they killed him - because people were starting to realize how much sense He made of how we can know the will of God and live a life that He will bless.   


There is much confusion out there, but if you want to consider what others say, check out  Or you can also check this site out:     ..

If Elohim told Cain forgiveness and elevation between God and our fellow man is done by our own improving ourselves - that we are capable, that this is our personal responsibility -  why would He teach differently - if He is the same God as who created mankind and spoke to mankind from the beginniing?  God does not defy Himself or His words of life.   I believe we have been confused by lies from Jews - Zionist Judaism, the Oral Torah, and the fake apostle Paul, and other spurious books put upon us upon threat of life to lie against Elohim, themselves, and their fellow men.

Decide if you believe Elohim and Jesus - or not.  This is what life is about - who we choose to become.           







Jesus lifts Peter out of the waves
He also saves us in the waves life brings our way